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Battle Camp, a monster-catching puzzle MMO

Discussion in 'Virtual Pets Chat' started by cpvr, Sep 20, 2013.

  1. Battle Camp is a new monster-catching puzzle MMO. Below are some screenshots of this game.

    Monster-catching puzzle MMO brings players together in real time in a persistent, virtual world
    Battle Camp, a monster-catching puzzle MMO developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, is now available on the App Store, PennyPop announced. Built on top of a full-fledged virtual world, Battle Camp is the first massively social mobile game where users can play with real people in real time. The battle system revolves around match-three mechanics, giving players more than the loathsome 'tap to attack' gameplay.
    Players can create their own unique avatars, capture and raise more than 275 unique monsters and participate in a seemingly endless number of quests. Since Battle Camp is a live virtual world, players will also be able to form troops with friends and other players, destroy rivals in real-time PvP tournaments and coordinate attacks in monthly Raid Events to earn glory and prizes
    Battle Camp is coming soon to Facebook and Google Play.


    Link to their main page
  2. I hate to say this but as a fan of monster catching games I'm not a fan of ones on mobile platforms. The monsters always feem to lack character. They seem really stock and generic it really turns me off. Same thing with stuff like dragon games 200+ seem impressive but the designs seem so bland.
  3. It looks sooooooooooooo cute! Cute monsters and match-threes? A match made in heaven more like, haha! Too bad I don't have a smartphone, or I would try it out at the very least.
  4. sooo cute zomfg!!! this is like monster match ( which is only available on android? O_O )
  5. downloading it right now to see what is going on with this game and if I like it ^^ always better to test something and if it is for free, might as well waste my time

    edit: no idea what the heck I downloaded, but not the game xD ah well, I tried :V
    edit 2: oops, coming soon >_>
    #5 Feline, Sep 21, 2013
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2013
  6. i loooove this game. and i get to lead raids in my troop (guild).
    if you dont mind, id like to post my referral link for those who sign up. you get an 'ultimate grab' which is very nice trust me, and i get help with attaining a rare monster. ^^;;; i hope its alright!
    r49etr < if you use this, thank you! email me and ill be sure to compensate you on khimeros or some other pet site that you like.
  7. Did you end up trying it? What are your thoughts on this app/game?
  8. Only on iOS. ;_; This game looks so much fun, but I have Android...
  9. There are better alternatives imo. Plus, this one has some "jokes" that I'm not too fond of (can't quote them as I haven't played it in forever). Puzzles and Dragons is a good one available for Android.
  10. Just downloaded this and so far I'm hooked. It's really fun.
  11. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate this game?

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