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British Woman gets hit with a $42k cell phone bill

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by cpvr, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. Wow, I think this has to be the highest cell phone bills I've ever seen and I hope she gets her money back somehow.

    Check this:

    What does everyone think about this? What would you do if you got slapped with a huge payment like this - even if its just an error? I think its very ridiculous.
  2. All I can say is its Orange init?

    I had an issue with them ages ago with my answer machine (which then ended up breaking afterwards). Topped up my phone with £10 (around $20) because I had a voicemail I needed to listen to. Listened to the voicemail, deleted it etc, and checked my calltime balance afterwards and it said my remaining balance was 79p (around $1.58), and I'd been on the voicemail number for less than 5min yet it had cost me £9.21 ($18.42).

    Phoned up Orange from a different phone and complained about it, and they said it should have charged me like 45p or summat, I can't remember it was ages ago, and they weren't sure why £9+ had been deducted.

    Lest they put it back on though.

    And then later they brought out these PIN numbers for voicemail so you could call your voicemail number from other phones. So set that up.

    I then try calling it from Vodafone and it tells me the PIN number is incorrect. Phone it from O2, same again. Phone it from the Orange phone, still says incorrect PIN.

    Phoned up Orange to complain (again) and they had on their system the exact PIN number I was typing in, so they weren't sure why it wasn't working. They reset the PIN to something else and gave me the new PIN over the phone. I then go and call voicemail again and it just keeps saying incorrect PIN number over and over, and then eventually it locks me out of my own voicemail service. Fucking morons.

    Anyway someone phoned my Orange and I didn't answer and they said 'Whats happened to your message?' as in the message that plays before the bleep - which took me bloody ages to record and get it right - and I phoned my own voicemail after this and it just said "Welcome to Orange answerphone, the person you've called is not available, please leave your message after the tone," -boop- Pissed off about that and phoned them up, why have you cleared my voicemail message? Something about a system error and all voicemail messages had accidentally been reset. -_- Ugh.

    And then eventually it just broke altogether and sort of deleted itself so now there isn't a voicemail on it at all - which I was even more annoyed about because there was like the worlds most important voicemail on there that I needed to listen to and the morons at Orange did nothing to fix their stupid network to let me listen to it.

    So all in all, Orange is a shit network, I should know I've been with them for 14 years, when I go abroad Vodafone is going to be the number in use because of the 'Vodafone Passport' option they have.
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  3. @SpunkiSpirouSpunkiSpirou All I know is if I ever got hit by a bill like that, they can have fun trying to collect it from me. It's way too high. That's like a year or two worth of working hard, pulling long hours, just to go to a bill. Screw that. Unless you set up payment plans that are cheap and worth doing so.
    #3 cpvr, Aug 13, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  4. I've got Barclays trying to get me to pay them more when it was them that already agreed to the new payment plan.
  5. I don't play with debt collectors. Screw that. My credit is already bad, so why pay up? No need for it especially if shit happened and you couldn't pay them. I get calls sometimes for companies that want me to fork over money. If I could, I would file for Bankruptcy just to get rid of the bills or something. I'll pay them one day maybe, but not now.
  6. Lol, £10 is more like $15...doubling the dollar-pound hasn't worked for almost three years, the pound is losing its strength! :) Personally I think they should pay her £8,000 in compensation, for her lost vacation time, the fees she probably incurred from being so negative, lost time dealing with the mess, and just for the unpleasantness of the fiasco.

    I've never been in debt or borrowed money from an institution, but I don't think that's very healthy for your credit, I'd assume it'd render it impossible to fix after a certain period of time. :(
  7. @tldrtldr My credit was screwed when my car got re'pod because I got locked up. You can't fix that damage, it takes 7 years for your credit to reset itself - especially in the States.
    #7 cpvr, Aug 14, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  8. Oh, I don't have credit, so I wouldn't know, very ignorant on the subject, haha.
    #8 tldr, Aug 14, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  9. Ya, but credit makes the world go round. Especially in America. You need to have some type of credit to get a bank loan, car loan, etc. Some credit card companies/local stores may help you out by allowing to get credit through them and it builds up like that.
  10. Haha, I don't think I'll ever need any loans, :) I'm renting a house and own the car I drive right now.
  11. They said I was okay to change the payments from £135 ($270) to £70 ($140) and then after I did that, they then complained I never phoned them (until I gave them the name of the person I spoke to then they suddenly found the call log) and since then even thought THEY allowed it, they kept sending me bills saying I owe them X amount in overbilling or whatever they called it.

    Eventually I phoned them up and had a massive go at them down the phone saying how if it was such an issue and weren't allowed why did they allow it when I phoned up originally.

    Every so often I get a reminder about 'you owe this much to us' but I just ignore it now, I told them whats what and I'm sticking to it, and they haven't gone to any debt collectors because they know that THEY agreed to the new payment plan so now they can't do anything about it.

    Haha! Me 1 Barclays 0.

    And also Barclay's is voted #1 worst customer service.
  12. Ya, especially if you had the customer service's person's name, you're in the clear. If they wanted to bull crap with you again in the future, start recording the conversations and send it back to them. I hate how certain companies act like that, especially when they said it.
  13. I just used my Orange phone, to call another Orange phone and for like 6min (5min 54sec) it cost me about £4 ($8) which works out to being something like 80p ($1.60) per minute. Such a fucked up network.
  14. Screw that. I have unlimited minutes with AT&T.:smiley-dance004: I don't like having limits on my phone, so I never go with a phone company that has those.
  15. I use Vodafone for calls, 1 hour = £0.75 ($1.50) total cost.
  16. They have that out here as well. I always see commercials about it. They also own a lot of Verizon Wireless.
  17. I'll have to see what they say when I next need to phone them up, cause they told me Vodafone didn't work in the USA.

    I keep finding Chi hair in my keyboard :/
  18. I may be wrong then, sorry about that. Do you guys have AT&T out there though?
  19. To my knowledge we don't have AT&T, I've heard of it though, apparently its related to Orange?

    We have:
    Orange (which I just found out is from France)
    GiffGaff - or summat?

    And then some of the stores have networks like:
    Tesco Mobile
    And maybe Asda but I'm not sure. Asda is the UK of Walmart, or it was after it was bought out, before that it was owned by someone in Yorkshire.

    Morrisons also originated from Yorkshire.
  20. Okay T-mobile is a good phone company. I used to use them prior to switching to Cricket, then AT&T.

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