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Can teenagers understand true love?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by cpvr, May 12, 2011.

  1. I'm over here watching Maury, and this question came up and it caught my attention "Can teenagers understand true love?" What do you guys think about this question?

    Is it true? Or do we feel love when it happens - regardless of our ages? Like, also, sometimes we feel that something is true love - especially being a teenager, then to find out it wasn't really...

    But, what's your take on this issue?
  2. Yes they can, but much more often they will simply mistake other feelings (eg a crush, or simply lust) for true love.
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  3. I think when I was a teenager and would have a new boyfriend, I think confused the feeling of feeling happy with being in love. Love takes time to develop and grow, and I don't think it can be found in a short term relationship that a teen may have. Unless they have known each other for years and gone out for years and formed a bond and trust.
  4. Can adults understand true love?
    Can anyone?

    I wouldn't limit this to just teenagers.
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  5. It was a question that Maury brought up - his show was about teenagers today. Girls, who were getting in trouble, and then they were set straight.
  6. What was on the show is irrelevant. I'm referring to the question asked.
  7. I don't believe in true love, I believe in compatibility and lust. (I'm not telling other people they can't believe in love, I've just seen so called 'true love' or 'romantic love' go so far south that I have no doubts in my mind that it simply doesn't exist)
  8. Well, the "true" part in true love means "not cheating," so I don't see why not.
  9. I think they can.
    Just as much as anyone else.
    Teenagers can confuse true love with a short crush, but adults can do so as well.
  10. Well, when I was a teenager, and with someone. I know I got caught up fooling and flirting. Guys will be guys, and I really don't see young guys being in love - especially as a teenager. Why? There's too many ladies out there, school to worry about, and parties sometimes. Girls like to flirt as well - and if they like you, they'll chase you, even if you're with someone.

    Good point. But if you're in love, of course there's compatibility. Lust comes before love - so don't you think that's sort of related? Lust = having feelings but not knowing that you're in love yet, at least, that's how I see it.
  11. It varies. It also depends on the person.
  12. There is not always compatibility if you are 'in love'. That's why we have divorce. :p A lot of divorce.
    Lust = Sexual desire. It's a meaningless, animal urge, which is why people tend to 'lust' after celebrities. It's superficial.
    People feel the thrill of a new relationship, and they want it to be that fairy tale so they say I'm in love. Then when things get rocky if they aren't compatible they get a divorce, and if they are the work through it.
    Honestly I kind of think people are just kidding themselves with true love and romantic love because the books and movies make it look so amazing. But in my opinion it's just as realistic as Harry Potter flying off on a broom.
    ;) I try not to crush other people's bubble, if they truly believe they are in love I don't tell them they aren't. I just don't believe in it. I have also met people who have told me they have the power to make it rain, just because I don't believe it is no reason to try and force them not to. It makes people happy to believe it.

    But think about it, I have seen many relationships where people assume it's 'true love' and they ride off on their stallion, only to find out later they hate each other. Then they both declare the other person has 'changed' obviously, because first of all it's not possible they are the one that changed, and second, it's not possible that they just didn't know the things they didn't like about each other because they were too busy considering themselves 'in love' to pay any attention. They purposely ignore things because they want it so bad.

    I do believe in family love. The attachment and feeling that comes with knowing somebody for a very long time, finding out their faults, and even if you don't always like them, still being attached to them, and wanting the best for them. Not because of some magical connection though, because you have been through a lot together and made it through. I believe couples who last a very long time gain this kind of love, but it's not some magical- eyes met, invisible fireworks, angels singing stuff. It's a tried, and true, tested and retested, facing obstacles and overcoming them together by working hard, family love.
  13. I'd say generally no, because we are extremely naive. (I was one of the more level-headed ones). My boyfriend and I have been going out for 2 and a half years (since junior year of high school), and it wasn't till after a year and a half of going out that we said we loved each other. It's definitely a deeper feeling than bliss and lust. Then again, love is very subjective. But I doubt most teenagers really know what the fuck they're talking about.
  14. It depends on the people.

    I understood love as I grew older (along with my mother's guidance, which was very helpful), but when I began dating, I honestly didn't have the slightest clue.

    I believe love comes after maturity and responsibility. If you aren't either, you can't be committed in a 'love' relationship.
  15. Yep, depends on the people.
    You can't say teenagers in general do or do not, because to me, it's about the maturity. If you're mature and are lucky enough to have someone who's also mature, then chances are you two can stick together long enough to discover true love.

    Then again, the definition of "true love" varies.
  16. Yea, exactly, I've been in relationships where the people were fighting all the time, but that brought them together...

    Do you think when you began dating you understood what love was?
  17. I've noticed a lot of teen couples love to break up and then make up a few hours or days later. I see this happen all the time on my facebook timeline. Sometimes, I see some girls complain about their boyfriends on Twitter as well. I don't know what it is, but it really does depend on the person and how mature they're both are. Because, some seem to rush their relationship because they want to show off to their friends. I've also noticed that some teenage relationships don't really last long. That's why you see some single parents around.

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