Cheerleading a sport?


Hakuna Matata
Mar 10, 2024
Are dancing or cheerleading sports?

Why or why not?

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Since dancing and cheerleading allow participants to win trophies and similar awards, they can be classified as sports. However, if there were no competitions, I wouldn't classify them as sports. Additionally, participants can sustain the same injuries as players of baseball, basketball, football, and soccer, providing another point of comparison.
Both are physical activities that require skills and strength. Dancing and cheerleading need technique and artistry whether they are considered a sport or not. They requires strength, agility, and coordination when in performance.

Both might not be recognized fully as sports by society but from my own perspective, it's a sport because one can sustain an injury while trying to outwin their opponents.
To some extent, I'll consider cheerleading a sports because it requires physical activity and good skills to pull it off. Also, it requires extensive training to do it right.
Cheerleading is competitive and you must be athletic to do it successfully but it doesn't get so much recognition by sports athletes. This is basically what's keeping it from being seen as a sports.