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Coded Layout & Map For Sale

Discussion in 'Completed art Transactions' started by Jolly, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. Layout:
    This layout is coded and ready to use! Also any changes can be made. Comes with all PSDs.
    If you want different art on it and such that will cost extra because this layout is already priced to low.


    I am looking for around $35.00 for it. Coded and everything.
    This was made by Bexxy.
    #1 Jolly, Mar 24, 2012
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2012
  2. Good luck Vermillion. c:
    I'll go ask around and see if I can find you some potential buyers. c:
  3. Thanks I really want to get rid of my old stuff ^^
  4. If I said this layout was made by bexxy would anyone buy it?
  5. Wouldn't matter to me, lol. But I just now realized that it's coded. @____@ Coded is good.
  6. Thanks Drea. I have no idea why nobody wants it, also the sketches. I have things so cheap u.u
  7. It can be hit and miss : ( </3
  8. Updated layout price to 40$ that is as low as I can go! I can make any changes to the layout as you wish.

    BTW the url is no longer working. If you want to see send me an PM
  9. I don't think that would make a huge difference. The layout is real nice, if I was in the need of a new layout, I'd buy it in a heart-beat!
  10. The layout is amazing, seriously. It's not the price or the quality that's an issue at all. I just don't know who is wanting to make a space-themed petsite right now. That's probably what the problem is.
  11. I said I can change any images they want, and for some reason people are sill not interested. :(
  12. Layout link is not working for me, it keeps showing a blank page :/
  13. Here is a picture of it.
    I sold the domain name so i wont work.
  14. where can I see a coded version of it? I like it :)
  15. Sadly it was only viewable coded on the URL. It can tell you though it looks exactly like that I have no site to upload the coded ZIP too.
  16. Hrm, Im not able to see the layout, sadly.
  17. Here is is.
  18. Oh! That is pretty nice :)
  19. Bumping my unloved topic. -n-
  20. I lowered the price of the layout to $35.00


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