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Cold Water speeds up your Metabolism and other tips

Discussion in 'Health' started by cpvr, Jul 24, 2012.

  1. This is great news for those that drink water on a daily basis, and I thought I'd pass it on for those that aren't aware.


    What does everyone think about these tips? Do you drink a lot of cold water?
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    #1 cpvr, Jul 24, 2012
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  2. I was told that drinking cold water was bad for you and that you should drink water (and other liquids) at room temp.

    Confused now....
  3. Where did you hear that from? Any reputable sites online or anything? Link us and copy the context here, while linking to them.
  4. It was a sports tutor in college that told me, I can't remember the reason why its bad but I know since being told all my drinks are room temp.

    Like right now I have two bottles of Fanta; Zero and Fruit Twist, sat on the floor in my living room, I never have them in the fridge.

    And when I have milk, I take that out the fridge and leave it in the container for approx 30min before drinking - and then it'll be outside the fridge for about 2 hours because I'm drinking it until it goes back in again.

    Edit: Boom! 800 posts :)
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  5. Same here, but I like my drinks cold. I'm one of the only adults in the house that use up all the ice. I love having a cold drink, it tastes better than drinking a warm drink.
  6. I know I've heard the same thing previously in the past as @SpunkiSpirouSpunkiSpirou. I just googled it real quick and it looks like it doesn't really matter either way, though.

    Personally, I drink most everything at room temperature. :)
    #6 Myztacia, Jul 24, 2012
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  7. Maybe when its a boiling hot Summer day (like up to around 25 degrees) and I've been outside and I'm hot, then I'd have a cold drink. Or I used to, these days I just eat ice cream if I'm hot.
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  8. News?
    This is not news, this is old.

    Old but gold.
  9. It's still useful because its from two different health sources. It hasn't been posted before, so I posted about it. Do you drink cold water or warm?
  10. Cold water all the way, hot water is meh
  11. #11 Organic, Jul 24, 2012
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  12. That was expected, I read about the lemon water earlier but I forgot the link. When eating, you could drink something warm so it helps with the digestion. And plus, drinking water before a meal can make you feel more full. It's the same as eating extra fiber as well.
    #12 cpvr, Jul 24, 2012
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  13. I drink water rarely. you know about my coke passion. But I way about 9 stone? and I'm not big either. my metabolic rate is very fast. :p
  14. I love cold water as well, normally I drink half or our whole 4 liter jug a day lol
  15. It takes exactly one Nutrition Calorie to heat 1l(1kg) of water by 1 degree Celsius. Your body is 37.5 degrees and cold water is about 10. So to heat the 2 litres of water per day from 10 to 37.5 we get
    37.5-10=27.5 (number of degrees to raise the temperature of 1litre) * 2(2litres) = 55 calories

    If you hear that it takes 55,000 then that's technically correct too, because Nutrition calories are actually 1000 times what is sometimes called a calorie by scientists. (The amount of energy that heats 1g of water 1 degree)

    The hot water vs cold thing is from some Asian cultures. Chinese medicine says to drink hot water instead of cold
    If you go to restaurants in China it's pretty weird to have super spicy food served with hot water to drink, but sometimes they don't even have cold. People do drink cold water too, but they usually buy it outside on hot days.

    This is what I go by:
    Drink whatever temperature of water you like and it will all even out, just make sure to get enough water. You don't even need 8 glasses a day if you eat a lot of water in food, but you should not get your water from coffee, tea, pop, or alcohol because those are diuretics, which makes your body release water. You should also drink more water if you eat a lot of sodium.
  16. I drink water at room temperature mostly all the time, but whenever I eat something oily / greasy I drink warmer water... apparently it helps with your digestion. :) It never gets too warm where I live, so I don't have to keep drinking cold water. ~

    I only drink hot water if I'm sick, but even then I don't like it.
  17. I am so picky with what I eat/drink that I'll refuse to drink water that isn't ice-cold (slightly cold is sometimes passable). I'm so weird. XP (at school I'll get these water bottles but if it isn't cold enough I won't drink it) Also, one of my all-time favorite snacks are ice cubes, so yeah, I like stuff to be cold.

    This one time I bought these ice blocks and set one of them in one of those large class bowls. I poured hot water into it to start the melting. It took me a whole day but I was able to drink one of the large blocks. :3 (I think it was 5 lbs, so it was pretty big)
  18. I hate when there's no ice in the house. -_-
  19. I usually don't like cold drinks. I prefer room-temp/cool. I can't enjoy water when it's really cold. Interesting tid-bit of news though. :)
  20. Yeah, I do drink a lot of cold water. It helps me a lot. :)

    The weight training bullet scares me.. x_X I have a fear of weights.. I never used to have that but now I do. I constantly think they are going to crush me </3

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