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Create-A-Banner Contest win up to 25 bucks

Discussion in 'Contests' started by Joy, Nov 7, 2011.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Do you possess a creative mind? Are you skillful in works of graphic art? Have you ever wanted to show off your talented works of art in a contest?

    Well now, here's your chance!

    Virtual Pet List is on the look out for creative banner artists of whose creations will be used to help spread awareness of our community. There will be three winners for this contest; First place wins $25, Second place winner receives $15, and Third place will be awarded $10. This month long contest will run through until November 30th at 11:00pm CST.

    We will open the poll November 27th at 8:00pm CST, of which time contestant entries will no longer be accepted. Before voting, you must have a total of 10 posts. Once the polls are open, you are free to vote as you so choose, but for that vote to count you must post the username of the contestant and the banner which you voted for in the forum below. Contestants may also vote for either a fellow contestant or of one of their own entries. Every qualified member may vote only once! Be sure that you're positive with your choice before submitting your vote.

    Questions may be sent to @cpvr , @Michi or myself or otherwise can be submitted in this thread.

    Be sure to review the rules below before beginning! All information may be edited or changed at any given time.

    Thank you! <3
    Good luck everyone.


    Rules and Guidelines!
    Each contestant is free to submit up to a total of two banners. You may not make alterations to your banner(s) after you enter them.
    You must not sign up under a different account to enter this contest; doing so will automatically result in having you disqualified from this and all future contests.
    • You must not sign up under a different account to vote for your submitted entry. This action will also result in disqualification from all contests.
    • Banners must be of your creation only!
    As long as you have permission, we will allow drawings from other artists and the site itself, but the banner must come from you.
    • Banners may not exceed over 500x145 pixels in size.


    The Contestants









    #1 Joy, Nov 7, 2011
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2011
  2. Re: Create-A-Banner Contest!

    This is cool. Good luck to all that plan on entering.

    And thanks for the contest.
  3. Re: Create-A-Banner Contest!

    Cool! I'll probably play around with a banner, just for the heck of it, should I have time :]
    Good luck everyone~!
  4. Re: Create-A-Banner Contest!

    Totes joining this.
  5. Re: Create-A-Banner Contest!

    Yay for people trying this! ^^
  6. Re: Create-A-Banner Contest!

    I believe you guys can use Aywas pets, Paladore pets, and Rescreatu pets on this - or just use our mascot - whichever you chose.
  7. Re: Create-A-Banner Contest!

    I got one, but please remember, NO STEALING. I worked really hard on this, and I don't want anyone to profit off my time and effort.


    I'll be adding another one once it's finished. To give you a little hint...COMIC SANS! ;)
  8. Re: Create-A-Banner Contest!

    *rolls over* Oh god. That is so funny Lauren. Look its so wonderful! It will be sure to win! You put so mush effort into it.
  9. Due to lack entries, I'm extending the contest to the end of the month.

    We will accept entries up until November 27th at 8:00pm cst.​
  10. Oh man, I didn't even notice this contest till today..
  11. Come join the contest people!
  12. oh man I'll give it a shot just for fun. I'm no good at graphics but what the hey. xD
  13. Gosh just because we're waiting doesn't mean we're not entering. =_= Sillies.
  14. ;____________;

    So that means I don't win by default?
  15. Haha I'm entering this. :) But it'll be a while. It's been forever since I did graphics. I'll probably have it up during the week.
  16. I thought I'd enter an animated banner, if that's acceptable:

  17. Super cute! Great job. <3​
  18. OMG that is cute!
  19. Keep them comin'! ^^
  20. This really should be the front page link.
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