90 And Up! VPL Member
Jan 23, 2024
Do you own any cryptos? What wallet do you use? What type of cryptos do you got?

I currently use Trust Wallet, and I have a few bucks on BCH, and LTC. I like wallets with multiple cryptocurrencies.
At the moment I do not own any cryptocurrency but I do have wallets that I use to either help others receive their funds if they are unable to use PayPal and those are all on Coinbase.
I have a small amount of BTC on coinbase and about 747,000 shibu inu on coin base. I also use robinhood. I have a low amount of dogecoin on there and another 638k of shiba on robinhood. I plan on holding on to my shiba inu coins as long as possible.

I haven’t purchased any new crypto in awhile though.
I've got close to 33,000 worth of Wen on my Phantom Wallet. I read that it is one of those coins that are going to pump in the future. So, I am keeping them for as long as the bullrun is coming closer.
I do not own any cryptocurrency, I am too afraid that the bottom is going to fall out, and then I will lose everything. So I am going to stick with paper money.