Cyu in the forest - Click Critters


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Feb 7, 2020
Click Critter's has a new adoptable available, the Cyu!

Ooooh, looks at these loveable new critters!
The Female Cyu Puff is now roaming the Click Forest in hope to find its soulmate. Will they be able to find them? Or is this love story not going to have an happy end? D;

The Design a Forum Text Contest will come to an end very soon. Want a chance to win one of these cool Guest Artist Adoptables? Then enter now! It's not too late.


Voting time! Voting time! Voting time!

The Great Day of Click is coming closer!
In case you haven't seen the topic or voted yet, we also would like you to take a moment and vote for the next Great Day of Click because you decide when it will be hosted!
So let us know which date(s) work best for you. The poll will be up for a while. Thanks for having a look!