Do you like playing pet site games alone or with someone?

Ja sa bong

90 And Up! VPL Member
Mar 6, 2024
How do you feel about playing your favorite pet sites game? Do you like it more when you're playing all alone at home or with someone being around? I don't like any kind of distraction whenever I'm playing which is why I love playing alone.

How do you like to play?
I am and have always been a lone wolf and play alone when it comes to video games. Most people either want you to do something for them or they want to tag along, and I can't stand either.
I have not played any pet site games in a long time but back when I used to, I would always play alone as I felt happier that way. As much as you can play with others on these sites, I was always content in going through these games on my own. You usually find that with a game, if it is better to play with others, you get the urge to want to play with others and I never had that urge playing on pet sites.
I prefer playing any game alone to be honest. Its hard to have conversations, and game out unless it's about what I'm playing.

This is right. Playing with someone around can bring about some distractions which when we look at it, it is not going to help. When I want to play the game in a serious way, I play indoors and alone!