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Do you think Neopets got too big for its own good?

Discussion in 'Virtual Pets Chat' started by cpvr, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. By this I mean - do you think Neopets got too big for its own good? Because, there's a lot of newbies there - some use too much chat speak, and some users can't actually type correctly - and then, you have people who cheat the system - to earn money, or other things for the game.

    But, the question remains - do you think Neopets got too big for its own good? If so, if you owned Neopets - how would you change up the community - so that there's more people who aren't using so much chat speak? Would you encourage users to make more quality posts - or would you wield out all the newbies?

    Let's discuss - and also, by this, do you think Neopets also got too big for its own good - meaning, it didn't hire enough support members to support the game?

    Or, do you think Neopets is fine - and didn't grow too fast?
  2. Yes, i think neopets just go sucked in by the the money. I really don't see much support help for the staff at all. They don't track down the hackers and just freeze people who don't do anything to get get frozen. I Think if they where not so money hungry then i would like it more. I don't care to much about the newbies, Because i mean hey we where are there once right?

    So yes, they have gotten way to big now. It like the don't even care, just about money. I used to loved that site and now it's even hard to just get on a have fun, for me at least.
  3. Hmm, I think the biggest problem is the money hungry thing, actually. I hate chatspeak and all, but it doesn't stop you from using features. When I'm trying to play, everything new is surrounded by messages saying "Hey, buy a ticket for this at the Neomall!" and whatever else. You can't really enjoy everything it has without giving them your money now.

    If people are cheating the system, I think it'd be up to the staff to research the strategies and find ways to stop them. Neopets already has their own office, and even host convention sorta things, so I don't think the number of staff is too low to get the job done.
  4. Yeah, the website is so cluttered now. It's overwhelming.

    They were smart to branch out into the real world with toys and whatnot, but now they're just super sellouts.
  5. Chat speak is an issue on Neopets because kids are allowed to join, and really, Neopets received a lot of media attention, the first few years it was up - so marketing wasn't really a problem for them.
  6. I think it got way to big. I mean granted i have to admit it's nice to see active sites and all that. but i mean, i think TNT let go of the caring for members when they couldn't keep up with them all, with lack of staff to keep track of it all. I grew up with Neopets, saw it change. And it had helped me way back when on my spelling. but now, it's just not like that any more.
    All the members seem to be rude, and such like that. It's rare to even find some good people on there any more. So i tend to keep to myself when i go on any more. To be honest, the only thing i go on Neos for any more is to do the daily zapping of a pet and that's it.
    TNT lost a hold on the members if you ask me. I mean they become way more centered on making money and started making other things to link to neos, and blah blah blah....
    Erm, yeah, i could rant and rant about this i guess. but, oh well.
    Either way. i'd say, yeah it got to big for it's own good.
  7. Were you apart of Neopets in its first few years? What do you think was the main reason why so many users were joining, and referring their friends? Do you think their updates on a daily basis - except weekeneds is one of the reasons it become an instant hit? I know the art in the beginning was pretty rough - and then they got better as time went on.
  8. I'm not to sure if it was in the first few years. I joined back in 04.
    Um, i'd have to say the reason they where getting members. Was mainly parents bringing in there kids. The kinds referring there friends. And then there advertising on the TV as well.
    I personally never payed attention enough back then to notice much about there news. Being younger back then, i was on for the pets, and then all the games to pass the time.
    The art, i think is slightly out of hand. I mean, it use to be little kids doing the art. But now it's mostly all older people, who are really great with there art. I enjoyed getting to see what little kids came up with honestly. To be able to see an artist, before they become something big in life with there art and such like that.
  9. Ah yes, I remember Neopets. That's what got me into pet sites. They were great back in the days. Before they got sold out. Now it's so horrible I don't even try to talk about Neopets at all. The merchandising was ok..... for a bit. Now it's just annoying as heck. I tried to go back. Several times, but it was a total waste of my time. The games always crashed me for me. And the people were really rude to me. So I simply quit playing, and refuse to go back or buy anything related to Neopets. 'Tis a shame, because they had something going!
  10. To me the size of Neopets doesn't matter, they should have just managed the site better, but they don't care that they didn't. They got too greedy, a lot like Marapets, and just wanted to make more money.

    If I were in charge of Neopets, I'd start by adding some unique features to it, create more forums, and work very hard changing the image of the site. It use to be the best pet site to play at, and I would do whatever it takes to revive it.
  11. I played it a looooong time ago, when I was a youngun, and I never went on the forums or communicated with other members at all. I didn't understand and didn't see the point haha.
    The game was boring to me because I never seemed to have enough neopoints to afford anything.

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