Do you work for any pet sites?


90 And Up! VPL Member
Jan 23, 2024
How long have you worked for them? What's your job/role on the pet sites you work for?

Do you work for more than one virtual pet site?
Here it is not all that common to get good jobs working for a pet site, but you can find a job at an actual pet shop. I have worked at an actual pet shop as a Vet assistant and the work was so tedious because you have to calm the pets and make them feel safe. Mainly we dealt with Canines and Felines and their products like shampoo and a Chemical which is used for dipping. I was also prescribing routine vaccinations and deworming.

So those who have worked at a virtual place should be able to share their experience and what they were doing on the job.
I've not worked for a pet site, but it is one project that I will glady take up with should an opportunity present itself in the future. I am looking at what is going to come up on it in the future though.
I have never had the opportunity to work for a pet site, but I am excited about the potential of doing so. I can't think of a better way to combine my love of animals of all kinds with my skill set than to contribute to a platform devoted to our furry friends. In addition to being a rewarding experience, I think working for a pet website would help me develop in ways that are consistent with my values and areas of interest.