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Domestic cat sim

Discussion in 'Completed prograaming Transactions' started by kittyy, Feb 4, 2012.

  1. Don't know If I'll find someone here but I'll give it a try.

    Hello, I'm currently starting a domestic cat type sim game. I am looking for a partner/programmer to help me start the site.
    I am in desperate need of a coder to code the sim game as well as someone to start a co-ownership with me.

    You of course would be either paid by (1) 50/50 profit split from the game or (2) I can pay you monthly or 6monthly at the rates you normally charge until you I have completed the payment.

    payment plan (1) would be suited if you wanted to stay with the game and help me co-own it.
    Payment plan (2) however, would be best suited if you wanted this as a project and code it, then I send you payments monthly etc (or when is best suited for you) until I pay you for the coding.

    You do not need to worry about a layout/artwork or anything else as I am covering most of that.

    I have the plans for the site written up if you are interested in helping me out I can send you a copy of a plans of the site. At the moment they are written up in a word document. :)

    Thankyou ^^

    feel free to reply or message me if you have any questions or if you are interested.
  2. Do you have any funds to start the project?
  3. Yes I do :3
  4. If you havn't found a coder yet, I'll be interested. PM me on msn
  5. Good luck with this project, can't wait to hear more - such as when you start getting things under development!:style
  6. this sounds interesting
  7. Isn't Aurios the same person? XD
  8. Yes :s this was meant to be to another thred lol. My iPod must have gone weird when posting
  9. The same person as the creator of this thread? :p
  10. Yesss XDD
  11. Good luck with this. Do you have any goals as to when you would like the site to be finished? It's crazy seeing sites never get finished. Hope yours is a success. Sounds cool.

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