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  1. Sometimes I'm very clumsy and my phone flies out of my hand. Good thing I have a good case on it and it doesn't break, but I have broken phones in the past from dropping them or getting water-damage on them.

    So, do you drop your phone a lot? Or are you a lot more careful with your phone than I am? I know my baby brother took my mom's phone and smashed the screen. Same with my sisters phone. Which is why I don't let him hold my phone at all these days because I don't want it to get smashed.

    So, how about you? Do you have good luck when it comes to dropping your phone, or have you gotten a lot of bad damage on your phone from dropping it?
  2. I look after tech gadgets as if they were babies. I never drop my phone, cause I know that if I do, a shitload of time is gonna pass until I get a proper one again. :p
  3. if its a new phone i cling to it like a lifeline whenever i have it out but after i drop it once its really hard to not drop it all the time??

    now if youd ask how often i drop my ipod id just burst into tears because i drop it so often i actually feel bad for it

    why am i allowed near technology
  4. [SUB]I actually shattered my iPhone last week. Haha... I'm a clutz so it was bound to happen.

    Apple replaced it for me for free though so I was really lucky. T___T[/SUB]
  5. I throw my phone and that thing won't die O_e...

    My iPod can get ran over for all I care. It's so broken already but I'd cry because I'd miss playing DragonVale too much ; 3 ;
  6. My phone has many dings and chips gone from me dropping it or it falling out of my pocket.
    It's not affected though because I'm not cool enough to have a smartphone. I still have the LG Banter, which is a pretty sturdy phone turns out, but it's so old it still has Alltel printed on it, and they haven't been around for years XD
    But if/when I get a smartphone I know I'll have to buy a case for it or it'll be dead or cracked before you could say smartphone.
    Stupid girl pockets, can't hold nothin' but a quarter I swear.
  7. How are they replacing it for free? Did you have APCare on your phone and full insurance or what? I have to take notes just incase it happens to me.
    @uglytrollsuglytrolls I can't really say I've dropped my iPod, but I do get sweat in it a lot because it sits in my pocket while I'm working out.
    #7 cpvr, Jul 23, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  8. [SUB]@cpvr: My warranty actually ran out a couple of months ago. The guy asked me if it was my first time going to Apple (which is true, I bought my iPhone from Rogers) and then he took me to the Genius bar, assessed the damage, and then came back with a new iPhone.

    I was expecting to pay, haha, but I guess I got lucky that day.[/SUB]
  9. I don't have a cellphone, but I keep dropping my ipod.. glad I have it in a pretty good case, or else I swear it'll have been broken long time ago. xD

    Not a dent in the iPod or any scratches on the surface. Fweee~!

    The case is pretty scratched up though, LOL.
  10. In the year and half I had my original Droid I dropped that thing so many times and it only ended up with dings and dents and worked just fine.. until one time it hit perfectly and shattered the entire screen but was still 100% useable and functioning. I ended up getting my dad's old phone (which is the same phone) when he got a new one cause I was getting little glass shards in my fingers and now my mom makes me keep this stupid otter box on it Dx
    My friend also had the same one and his got dropped all the time and only broke once.
    I'll certainly be staying with these types of phones though, as they're reallly durable and almost close to indestructible!
  11. What kind of case and phone do you have? I used to throw phones all the time and they'd break into pieces, so I'd have to fork over $50 to get the same phone through insurance.
  12. No case for my phone haha. I've got an LG Razor Touch 2
  13. How banged up is it? Could you share a picture of it?:D
  14. It actually isn't banged up at all xD. Aside from a scratch or two, it's fine XDD
  15. Oh, I have scratches on my screen protector and my case is banged up with a few scratches as well. I have a pretty good case. XD I'm so clumsy in the mornings that I tend to drop my phone on the hard floors. I'm surprised I haven't cracked it yet. I would be so disappointed and mad if I did.
  16. My phone is pretty hard, I have a hard case for it and it does its job well.
  17. Yea mine is pretty indestructible right now lol.
  18. What type of case do you have on it? I got mine from Wal Mart, and its a black case, pretty tough.
  19. I got mine from a phone shop, they are very popular.
  20. I have dropped my iPhone 4 so many times it's not funny. In fact I have even dropped it several times on cement. I seriously cannot BELIEVE I have not shattered the screen yet. My phone is a real trooper. All I have on it is a cheap bumper I got from ebay for 10 cents and a scratch film.

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