Flight Rising launches Reflection Scrolls


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Feb 7, 2020
Flight Rising has launched a new feature, the Reflection Scroll.
The overlaid text reads Reflection Scroll, Experience your dragons from a different perspective, moth capes, new familiars. The banner displays an antique white snapper with pale blue-green wings, wearing a cape that drapes over their shoulders styled like moth wings. Those familiar with the dragons would know that this Snapper dragon is facing the opposite dragon that it normally does! To the right is the reflection scroll icon, showing a magic scroll and two dragons facing opposite directions.

An enchanted scroll creates a new way of seeing things, while colorful moth capes make their way into the marketplace and trades!

Reflection Scroll

It is now possible to flip the horizontal orientation of your dragon by applying our newest specialty item: the Reflection Scroll. This magical scroll, once used on a dragon, unlocks a permanent toggle that allows you to invert which way they are facing. For instance, if the dragon naturally faces left, enabling the Reflection Scroll toggle will flip them to a rightward facing (and back again!)

(NOTE: When we say "permanently", we mean it! Even if you choose to sell or trade the dragon, it will retain its Reflection Scroll toggle forever.)

This item is now stocking in the Gem

Reflection Scroll

Item Details
The first application of the item will automatically flip your dragon's facing. If you wish to swap back it back, the toggle can be found within that individual dragon's Customize page.
A screenshot showing the customize dragon page. On it there is a guardian female pose that has been flipped. The item of note is that below the four buttons for apparel, familiar, scene, and vista, there is an options box. This box lets players apply a broadcast message, but dragon with the reflection scroll also have a button to toggle which direction the dragon is facing.

In order to apply a Reflection Scroll, your dragon must meet the following criteria:
  • Dragon must not be part of a pending Crossroads trade.
  • Dragon must not be listed on the Auction House.

Because this item only changes the direction that a dragon is facing, there are a few things that set it apart from its cousin, the Silhouette scroll.
  • All dragons, including hatchlings, can receive its effects.
  • Because the items are not mutually exclusive, any eligible dragon can both receive and combine the effects of a Reflection Scroll anda Silhouette Scroll.
NOTE: In features such as Coliseum (where dragons must face their opponents), the visual effects of the Reflection Scroll may not be apparent, even if it is toggled on.

Additionally, in places where the dragon and its details are shown (such as the Auction House, Lair, Search), the Reflection Scroll effect will be represented by a status icon. This icon indicates that the dragon has had the scroll applied to them, not necessarily that their artwork is currently in a flipped state.
An image of a dragon when viewed from the lair. The small version of the dragon has a reflection scroll icon underneath its energy bar showing that this dragon has the ability to change the direction it faces.

Moth Capes

The drape of soft moth wings can now enshroud your dragons with these new apparel items! The following capes are available through the treasure marketplace:
Red Spot Moth Cape
Blue Blaze Moth Cape
Brown Lace Moth Cape
Gold Thread Moth Cape
Jewel Tone Moth Cape

The following cape is available through the gem marketplace:
Luna Moth Cape

The following cape is available as a rare drop in the Silk-Strewn Wreckage venue of the Coliseum:
Rosy Maple Moth Cape

The following cape is a new trade that the dragons at Swipp's Swap Stand may offer.
Antique Rainbow Moth Cape

The following cape is available to craft through the Baldwin's Bubbling Brew to alchemists levels 12 and above.
Sunglow Moth Cape

The following cape is available through the Acclaimed Achievements Association:
Dusty Grey Moth Cape

Familiar Faces

The Preening Prince and False Prince are new familiars available as a rare drop chance when dragon clans bond with their familiars each day.
Preening Prince
False Prince

Thundercrack Carnivale

The twelth annual Thundercrack Carnivale will begin on July 28, 2024, and we're running a skin and accent contest in celebration!
Thundercrack Carnivale text logo and Lightning on a parchment background.

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