Folk of Lore


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Jun 28, 2020

Folk of Lore is a multiplayer, browser based game which combines traditional petsite & rpg mechanics for an exciting gaming experience. Begin your journey in a postmodern world where dark magic has transformed the world and all its inhabitants into cryptids & creatures of folklore. Build your character as a neutral, hero, or antihero, and directly influence the game's story by participating in events and quests, and daily bonding with NPCs. FOLK offers 4 starter races: Lycan, Unicorn, Jackalope, and Kitsune, and one special avatar: Manticore.


Navigate through the world to complete quests, unlock plot secrets, and capture elusive creatures called cravaries! Cravaries can be bred, battled, and trained as long as they are kept in proper health and happiness. Bond with them overtime and discover all the wonderful abilities they have to offer. Or imbue them with magic stones to unlock additional elemental potential.


Seek guidance from npcs to discover hidden information and unlock new playable characters!


At the moment we are still in early development with our early beta testers, but you can find more info and sneak peaks for the game on our social media pages & Discord.

And check out our character dress up demo at!

And we keep open applications for new content creators at our application link: Google Forms - create and analyze surveys, for free.
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