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Goals For 2017

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by cpvr, Dec 31, 2016.

  1. What are you planning to accomplish in 2017? What are current goals?

    My goals are as followed:
    Grow vpl and expand the industry with our entire user base's help.
    Grow our sister site theadmineffect.
    Read more books, so I can learn a lot of new things.
    Increase my monthly income.
    Help a new music streaming app grow.
    Work on a new tax office and a poker website for my friends.
    Help a new in development pet site get off the ground. I can't release any information about this (nda contract).

    I'll update this topic as time progresses because I have a lot of plans for next year.

    Happy new year everyone!
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  2. Here's my (long) list XD:

    - Continue developing my SIM programming wise (though it's going very slow XD)

    - Do LOTS more digital art to inprove my skills

    - Make my first background for my SIM

    - Get grade A in all my subjects at the end of the year exams (very ambitious XD)

    - Start learning Arabic

    - Bloody open a bank account regardless of what my mom says XD

    - Get a volunteering job that is actually related to Psychology

    - Visit Oxford University and actually make sure that's where I wanna go

    - Finish writing my book

    There might be more, but these are the ones in my mind right now XD.
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  3. Here's some of mine:
    ~ Prepare my site for release
    ~ Make good progress on my book
    ~ Do well in school
    ~ Improve my skills
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  4. My current goals are to make Wild Howlz live to the public this year!

    As for artistic goals, as I am an artist as well, I do hope to be able to produce more pages for my graphic novels and work on artwork that is more personal to me, or just do more artwork with my personal characters.
    I do enjoy commissions and working with other's characters but sometimes it's nice to just work with your own and work on developing things that are yours rather than another's.

    As for personal goals, I would like to start planning for my own wedding this year too :3
    And if I can, I'd like to be able to save up $5,000 for personal expenses, which includes a trip to Latvia that I'd like to be able to pay for fully. I've only been waiting over 20 years to go back, so I hope I can earn the money this year to make the trip.
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  5. How are you currently doing in school?
  6. You can do it! If you need any help with anything, please ask the community.

    Do you have any art examples of your characters? I totally agree. It's a lot easier for me to work on my own projects. Congratulations! How long have you been dating your lover?

    Making a savings account would help you save up the $5k fast because you won't be able to take money out of it without going to the bank lol.
  7. Here's a few of my goals:
    - Put myself out there more!
    I mean this in terms of art, mostly. I just graduated last month and I've got a portfolio and the skills to work for people, but I struggle so much with actually applying to opportunities.
    -Learn more skills
    I've got a long list of things I want to get into, and I wanna start whittling away at it: more traditional work, storyboarding, testing out how I am at virtual pet art.. there's a bunch of things I want to try and see where I'm good at
    -Get a job
    Pretty self explanatory, but specifically, I'd love to find some work in an actual artistic field.
  8. Actually yes I do. Wild Howls will feature this sort of design work for characters and such. Though this is just the example of the males. I show off most of the updates and other artwork mainly either on my deviantart page or the facebook page for Wild Howlz:

    Log into Facebook | Facebook


    Thank you :3

    I've been with my fiance for 5 years now, though we've been engaged for 4 of those years.

    I've thought of that, but my bank isn't set up that. I have both a checking and savings account, but lately, just to pay bills, I've had to tap into that savings account and now both are depleted quite heavily, so I have to find a way to pick things back up.
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  9. Hmmm, this year I would like to accomplish the following:
    - Make progress on my pigeon sim game
    - Improve on my coding skills, PHP, HTML, CSS, ect
    - Improve my art skills by drawing something every day (this is unlikely every day but I can hope)
    - Graduate high school (doing my best over here)
    - Become the leader of the Pigeon project for my county's 4H program (a pigeon program hasnt existed in at least 15 years so I want to restart it)
    - Build a new pigeon loft
    - Finish commissions sooner. sometimes I take a couple of weeks, i have a busy schedule sometimes.
  10. Hmm..
    My goals mainly are ..

    • work on more CSS coding
    • develop a more realistic style
    • push myself into learning some javascript and other coding skills
    • work on independent projects I want to do for myself, not other people
    • start focusing on my own wants and needs, as hard as it is for me
    • draw for myself more this year. 2016 was a hard year for art for me, mainly commissions. took the fun out of art for me.
    • join GED classes
    • get a job
    • finish storyboarding my animation project
    • start developing my pet sim ideas and stop being afraid to!
  11. Code academy is a wonderful place to start if youve not already starter there! Also playing with inspect element in your browser helps too. Thats how I started learning.
  12. My goals this year are to focus on my art and writing - I have a few art projects I want to tackle this year. I want to have enough materials so that I could sell my work at conventions starting 2018. I'm working my way up to that so it's a pretty big goal of mine. :)

    I'm also hoping to spend more time this year writing my WIP novel. I'm hoping to get the 2nd draft finished before I turn 22 in July. Edit it in the later half of the year, and have it ready for self-publishing in the the winter/2018 I guess.

    I kind of just want to focus on stuff I want to do this year since I'm very burnt out from university. I just wanna do my own thing for a while, and maybe just go attend my graduation this June :p

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