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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Dear, Jul 21, 2012.

  1. Hello there. My name is Madison, but feel free to call me Dear. c:

    I have been watching this site for a while now, and finally decided to join!

    I am the owner of Galassia, a pet website in the making.

    It's a pleasure to be a part of the community! Feel free to ask me any questions. ^^


  2. Hey, Dear! I do believe we have met before. It's good to see you. :)
  3. Yes, we have met on Vulpes, I believe. c:

    Pleasure to see you, as well ^^
  4. Hey Dear, I'm Ajax I hope you enjoy your time here at VPL. If you need help feel free to message me.
  5. Thank you for the welcome, Ajax! I certainly will message you if I need any help. c:
  6. Your welcome. I'll be here :D.
  7. Welcome to the community! :) It's great to go from lurking to posting isn't it?:style
  8. Oh goodness. That smiley.
    Aaaaha. I must try it out myself
    Anyways. Thank you for the welcome! And yes, lurking to posting is a nice transition c:
  9. ^.^ It's one of my favorite smilies here that we offer. How are you doing tonight?
  10. It is rather amusing, ehe! And I am alright, chilling with a friend of mine. You? c:
  11. Just relaxing for the night and posting here. Just enjoying myself. ^.^ How's life treating you?

  12. It's treating me fine, I do suppose c: We've got eleven, 3 week old chickens, and some more chickens to hatch soon ^^
  13. Oh, nice, what is it like raising chickens? I've never tried to raise one before.
  14. It's very fun c:
    Of course, they don't smell all that great, but they are nice to have around C:
    We don't eat them, they are our pets and we use their eggs. ^^
  15. So, you eat their eggs? Are they good?:style
  16. Yes, we do eat their eggs. C:

    They do taste good, and it is nice to know that we can be certain that the hens are well taken care of :3
  17. How big are the eggs usually though? Do you have a picture of one of the eggs they've hatched?
  18. Well, we do not have roosters, so none of their eggs hatch. We have eggs incubating, and baby chicks, because we bought hatching eggs from a very nice breeder in Oregon c:

    The eggs are the slightest bit smaller than store-bought eggs, and our girls don't lay any white eggs.

    We have hens that lay brown eggs, lighter brown eggs, blue-gray eggs, blue-green eggs, and pinkish eggs :3
  19. I've had brown eggs in the past. Those type of eggs are so damn good. Are chickens the only type of pets that you raise though?
  20. Well, we have a cat, two dogs, and a few fish, but other than that, no. c: We live in the city, so no cows or goats, but we do have a rather big backyard.

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