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Haii! :D It's Meggie!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by cometstorm, Jun 23, 2012.

  1. Hello everyone! Umm, I've been on this site before but I don't know if I ever signed up. But uh.. xD
    I've played Lurapets, Kuepets, Subeta, and Marapets. I check them like once every few months but I'm not currently playing any right now. :rolleyes:

    Nice to meet you all!
    I'm usually known as Comet (short from cometstorm) or Meggie, so use whichever you prefer. :eek:
  2. What's up Meggie? How are you doing this weekend? Welcome to the community!;)
  3. Hello! (Your username seems familiar xD)
    I'm doing pretty well! Just lots of working and chilling, waiting for Kingdom Sky to update & be released. :p
    Thank you for the warm welcome! I hope you're doing great as well!
  4. Hello and welcome
  5. I have an account on basically all pet sites. Cpvr is the name I use. I check out Marapets from time to time. Ya, a lot of people are waiting for KS's release.
    Glad to hear, and I'm doing great too! Thanks for asking! :D
  6. Mmm... I don't think it was Mara.. did you have a Lurapets account? I know I've talked to you somewhere! I'll figure it out eventually xD
    My pleasure! Glad to hear you're doing great! :)
  7. Ya, I wasn't active there though. I'm also cpvr on Powerpets? Maybe you remember me from Zetapets?
  8. I might've made an account on powerpets but I don't think it was either XD
  9. Weird, I'm not sure then ^^ But I'm sure it'll hit you eventually
  10. Hello Meggie!! :)
    I'm Jimmy it's very nice to meet you!
    How are you? and welcome to the community ^_^

    Woot i just realized that you were the one i was talking to about Kingdom Sky xD
    #10 Jimmy, Jun 23, 2012
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2012
  11. lol, I hope so!! :cool:
  12. lol, Hi Jimmy! XD I'm good, and how about yourself? :)
    Haha, at least you remembered who I was!! :p
  13. Haiiii :)
    Of course i remember, i don't really forget people..0.o oh wait..i for...just kidding xD
    Whatcha upto?
  14. Haha, I forget people.. a lot. o_O'' But hopefully I won't forget you, Calypso, or CPVR cause you guys were the first ones who talked to me here! :rolleyes:
    Not much, just chillin cause I had an early shift at work and now I'm just refreshing KS hoping it'll open today or tomorrow. XD
    Will you have the same username there?
  15. Hehe that would be epic if you refreshed and it opened up xD
    Thing is i read that they would let everyone know a few days in advance on the fb page and that isn't the case still says spring 2012 on fb xD
    I am hoping i am able to get the same username c: it would be an honor to have my original name on KS ^^
    How about yourself?..will you have the same name as you do on here ^^
  16. I know right?! I can only hope! xD
    I saw that!! So much for spring 2012, but I'm kinda happy about it cause I didn't know about it in the spring... XD Awesome! I'm not sure if I'll use cometstorm or Meggie for my username yet. :p It was cometstorm on the site I played before but I ended up changing it to Meggie.. but I enjoy being called either. :rolleyes:
  17. Well now i see an update about some code people had been emailed or something like that 0.o
    i never heard of this code till now... do you know of it?
    Also i love the story that was just added to Kingdom Sky a few mins ago c:
    You should do Meggie Sky ^^ make it epic ;D
  18. #18 Rj, Jun 23, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  19. NOOOO! I didn't get a code!! Omahgoshhh I need that code! O_O
    I saw that! And I saw you commented on it (I think xD)
    I could, but I don't want the " " or the "_" lol xD

  20. EEEEeeeeee!! How've you been!? It's so nice to hear from you Egg!! :eek:
    As I was talking to Jimmy, did you get the 'code'? Idk what code though lol

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