Hand Held Virtual Pets


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Mar 30, 2020
United Kingdom
I thought I'd start a thread about hand held virtual pets (Tamagotchi, Digimon Digivices, etc). What have you got? I'd love to see your collections!

I have a very tiny collection since the ones I want tend to run on the more expensive side sadly. The dark side of wanting Digimon merch!

I am waiting on the 15th anniversary Digivice below to be delivered, super excited!

I have this anniversary black D3 digivice:

And the red brick 20th anniversary Vpet:

And one of those tiny tamagotchi remakes, that I honestly wasn't a massive fan of but it's kind of cute, so here it stays lol.
I'll get an actual photo of the collection soon.

What do you guys own?
A memory that can't take an easy route to disappear or be erased. I owned a lot of tamagotchi's collections but I am not in possession of them anymore. I outgrown them and gave them out.