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Apr 13, 2024
Hello! My name is Sleepy and I'm currently trying to put myself out there! Typically I just draw for fun but I've never actually put it up on socials or anything until very recently. At the moment I want to try my hand at a few things. I'm learning 3D low poly modeling, rigging, and animation! It's quite a bit of fun, just a lot of commands to remember.

Petsites have been my dearest love ever since I was young and its something I've always wanted to make my own, but as someone who only knows how to draw and not program, I'm not sure where to start. I've looked into mysidia and I think thats a good step in the right direction, but I don't think its a good permanent solution. If you know of any resources where I can learn or good places to research, please let me know!

Also, do we have a discord?
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@Sleepysaur Welcome to the community! How are you doing today? There’s also KittoKittoKitto, which is a good script to use as well. Also, Petsite maker is currently in development and it’ll be a good framework to use.

I’m not a programmer, but we do have users here that are programmers and they can help you further, but I’d recommend checking out the php manual. It has a few tutorials that can help you. PHP: PHP Manual - Manual

We currently don’t have a discord, but that will change soon.
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I'm doing just fine, thank you! I hope you are doing good as well :)

And thank you very much for your insights! I'd never heard of kitto and I'm glad to see petsite maker is back in development! I had checked them out in january and thought they had stopped the project, good to see its still kicking.
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@Sleepysaur You’re welcome! I’m doing good, thank you! Kitto has been around for awhile and has helped a few pet sites get started. It’s a good stepping stone for basic features and having the ability to add more things to it.

Same here, I’m glad that they’re still working on it. I think Petsitemaker is going to be a good addition to the industry. It’s something that the industry has been missing for quite sometime. I’m also looking forward to the release of Petsite maker. I think it’ll be ready for testing sometime this year. @PetSiteMaker
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