Have you ever had a client not pay you for your art?


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Jan 23, 2024
If this happened to you. How did you handle the situation?

Did they still end up using your artwork without your permission?
Yeah, I've had people not pay for my services. Even worse they went on to pay others after me, I was not pleased. I merely withheld what they wanted for not paying me.
I can't remember at all. I have a policy of pay before service or at least 50 per cent of my funds. So, once I am doing any job for you, we won't have any issues at all.
I have not had an issue where I have not been paid for art or graphics I have created for someone but when I was heavily in the video game content creation world, I noticed a lot of artists who are hired for graphics such as emotes or even logos used to go without being paid for their work and that was always a shame to see as their work was always amazing.
I trusted a family member once who kept promising me I'd get paid. I had designed something for a company he worked for and I asked for 6 months for payment and all I heard was promises. Since then, I learned that contracts are necessary, even for family and friends.
I had such an experience last two years and it wasn't funny. Since then, I can't work for you without you paying 70% of the work or I won't do the work for you.