Have you ever lost your account on a pet site?


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Jan 23, 2024
If you ever lost your account on any pet games. Did you start over with a new account?

Do you have multiple accounts on any virtual pet sites?
I lost my Neopets account after it was frozen over 14 years ago, but I recently made a new one.

I don't have multiple accounts on other pet sites, as I still have all my original accounts.
I've lost several for a variety of unfortunate reasons.

Neopets - My main was illegitimately frozen way back in the day. It was never returned. I had another backup account I reverted to. I actually recently lost access to like 3 of my Neopets accounts because I had purchased with real money the extra pets to move from side accounts to main. When I logged in it had automatically changed my passwords and locked me out and now they won't return *smh* Teach me to spend real money on the website aye lol. (Ironically, my side accounts actually LINK to my main as proof that they are mine haha, they wouldn't accept that)

WORST PETSITE EVER - Frozen because they didn't like my constructive criticism and they added rules AFTER to freeze me. After I donated 20+ hours of my time to moderating for them. That being said, obviously don't recommend that petsite and won't say its name because I don't want people to find it lol. Probably the only one I don't recommend lol. It's pretty bad.

Alacrity - I just can't remember my information to get back in lol.

Wajas - Can't remember my info to get back in lol.

A bunch of others that I just don't remember the info to get back in.
I never have, but have heard of people that do. Mostly because they use weak passwords or broke site rules that got them banned.
Neopets STILL freezes people for illegitimate reasons. About ummmmm, 3-5 years ago I was trying to attach a P3 to my Petpet. I'm not sure what age you are or how long you've been playing but I've been playing for 23 1/2 years (on and off of course) and I used to actually read the Neopian Times. The Neopian Times specifically stated that when attaching a P3 you cold hold F5 in your inventory. Fun fact, that refreshes WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY faster than you would think. They froze me almost immediately. When I sent in a ticket (I didn't know why they froze me) they told me I refreshed the page something ABSURD like 500,000 times or something within a minute. I don't remember exactly but it was WILD. I quoted them the Neopian Times article and they unfroze me lol (well after they told me they wouldn't and I appealed that decision). P3 never did make it to that petpet. Though I think it's broken anyway because it's a UC petpet and I'm quite sure at this point that a P3 will NOT attach to a UC petpet. There have been MANY circumstances for Neopets especially where completely honest players have been frozen. Back in the day, there was no chance ever of getting your account back. In the case of my OG main a friend of mine who played HAD broken the rules. When they froze him across the board they froze me too... because he sent me a omelet during some point of our friendship. . . yeah you heard that right... an OMELETTE.