Have You Played My Tamagotchi?

Ja sa bong

90 And Up! VPL Member
Mar 6, 2024
My Tamagotchi is one of the best and most iconic pet game which have been around since 1996. It's available on both Android and IOS. Players embark on a journey of caring for and nurturing their very own digital creature from the moment their eggs hatch.

What's your favorite activities in playing My Tamagotchi?
It is funny that I came across this thread as I was just wondering if there would be a Tamagotchi app available on mobile that is good and one that many would recommend and now I know about this one.

I have not checked it out yet but will be doing it now to see how it is. I used to love my Tamagotchi back in the 90s and would love to have something similar on my phone.