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Hello <3

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Chocoshrooms, Jun 12, 2012.

  1. Hello everyone! :3 I just joined this site.
    I am the co-admin of the petsite in development Kasaria (with Pepper-Head).
    I joined so I could know a little more what's going on in the petsite community P:
    Ahha~ So hello!
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  2. Welcome to the community! :) How are you doing on this fine and dandy day?
  3. Welcome to the community, Hope you enjoy your time in the community. :p
  4. Glad ya made it, buddy c:

    Just stalk that "New Posts" link like I do >:3 You'll learn quickly aha~
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  5. Hi @ChocoshroomsChocoshrooms! I was a mod at Kasaria during the development and offered some small helpful suggestions. Not sure if you remember me at all ^-^
    Unfortunately time is my enemy, it's hard to face but it's true. I hope Kasa blooms wonderfully in the next few months!! I'm very sad I can't be apart of it due to my large life issues...
    #5 Gabby, Jun 12, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  6. Thanks to everyone for the welcome ^^ I'm doing great!

    Ahha I hope I do! I'm a slow learner x'D Everyone replies really quickly on this site x____x
  7. We're all just so eager to get to know you *creepy cackle*

    lol, jk. <3 ^-^ Is this your first time visiting VPL or have you looked around as a guest? :)
  8. Oh yes I remember you! :3 It's good to hear from you ^^
    Yes I hope it does too! It's been doing really good! I'm sorry you can't as well, you were a great part of the team ^^

    X'D Apparently everyone is! I'm not used to typing so much x____x

    I've looked around a few times whenever Pepper-Head was on it, but technically this is my first time being on it myself c':
  9. You're very welcome, we're quite an active community here!:thumbup1:
  10. Yes, you are! X'D I'm sure I'll get used to it soon c:
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  11. Hopefully my life will get a little easier after June 29th so I can return. You guys really made me feel so homely there. It's really, really, really sad to face. :( I feel so guilty for the neglect </3

    & Enjoy your stay! We always are talking about something and just like @Pepper-HeadPepper-Head said, a new post is always up. She or I could help you get familiar with the navigation if you've never used a vBulletin forum before. :3 (I didn't when I joined and I was too shy to ask for help! I wish I did though. Everyone here is lovely.)
    #11 Gabby, Jun 12, 2012
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  12. Welcome to VPL, Chocoshrooms! Nice name ;)
  13. Hey there, Choco! Nice to see you around here. I hope you enjoy it. <3

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