Hello! Game owner here!


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Feb 16, 2022
Hello, everyone!

I am the creator and programmer for The Menagerie Nook, or The MeNook for short! The focus on the game is collecting and to help raise funds and awareness of animal issues. I spent ten years creating it! I had to learn PHP and had to save my own money for an artist, which I finally found in 2017. After a few years of putting the pieces together, the game was finally launched in April of 2021, but it was super buggy, so I shut it down (only a handful of friends were invited to play) and fixed a lot of stuff. I am grateful for the beta opening because it didn't exactly what it was supposed to do: help me make it better.

So I relaunched the game after fixing a lot of stuff and now anyone can sign up. It's free to play, free to progress, but if you want to support the website, you can purchase Pet Credits and buy specially colored pets.

https://www.TheMenagerieNook.com (.org, .net)
https://www.TheMeNook.com (.org, .net)

But about me, I'm mid 30's, wash dog butts for a day job, and code/game/craft on my free time.

I love any and all feedback on my game, and would love some ideas on how to get more traffic, although it seems like that's a problem we are all facing!

P.S. I was actually a part of this community when I first started ten years ago. I left bc I abandoned my project multiple times and never came back. I am so thankful for this community and it's awesome to see it still around!

Oh yeah, my name's Mel.

Nice to meet ya.
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