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Feb 9, 2024
I'm RCK (he/him, stands for Robocowboyknight :^]). I found this place a while ago from Chicken Smoothie, but saw the link again on Tumblr and decided I should make an account to check it out more thoroughly. : ) I've played virtual pet games off and on for years but CS is probably the one I've been the most attached to and consistent with. Some other games I've liked over recent years (but haven't been as active on) are Lioden, Flight Rising, and Furry Paws.

Some of the first games I remember playing and loving were Webkinz, Wajas, and P3, and I think my tastes have remained pretty similar over the years as far as virtual pet sites go- really, CS is the outlier, but I like how low stress it is and enjoy organizing my collected pets. : ) I find games that aren't too punishing the easiest, as I kind of forget to check sites often. Still, I hope to find some cool new stuff and potentially make some new virtual pet buddies!
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@rckLobster Thank you for letting me know! I’ll have to log into flight rising soon and see what’s new :D it’s been awhile since i’ve played. I’m doing good! Happy early birthday!