Help Carlos Bring VPL back to life


90 And Up! VPL Member
Jan 23, 2024
The virtual pet site industry was booming when I was young. Carlos has been around since I coded my first site, which was a virtual pet game. I actually ended up with a hacked version of a site named Kronik pets. Their source code was released by a hacker, and I modified it to my needs. That I learned how to code, and looking up some tutorials.

Me and @cpvr talk often on Facebook. He's back, and motivated, We're both helping each other build our communities, so let's help him make this virtual pet forum highly active like it was when I first came here.
Thank you @Baw$e It truly means a lot! I hope with the help of the community, we can get the Virtual pet site industry flourishing like it was in the past. There’s been a lot of different things going on in the industry. Especially with the rise of virtual reality and AR virtual pets & mobile pet games.

One thing is for certain, we have a lot of things planned for VPL this year.