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Welcome to the Virtual Pet list community, we discuss game dev from virtual pets, roleplaying games, mmos, mobile apps all the way to virtual worlds.
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  1. i'm christine! i'm from new york city~ i looove to sing, dance, and hang out! i currently work at a steakhouse. i like the simple things out of life. i don't play any pet sites right now, but i used to play furry paws and dog dayzz. sometimes i log into neopets but i get bored with neopets really quick!~

    i love to talk and make new friends, so say hi to me! :) i'm not mean! i promise!
  2. Welcome to the community @ChristineChristine. Have you tried Aywas, Boopets, Misticpets, Rescreatu or Subeta yet? How about Paladore? We have more pet sites listed in our list of virtual pet sites.
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  3. welcome man < 3
  4. Welcome, @ChristineChristine ! I thought of Phantom of the Opera when I read your username, haha. <3
    #4 Mew, Mar 11, 2013
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