How can pet sites become mobile friendly?


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Feb 7, 2020
These days, a lot more users are playing pet sites on their smartphones instead of their laptop and/or pc.

So, as a player of pet sites, what do you think can help them become mobile friendly?

Some of my ideas that can help pet sites become more mobile friendly are:

-Push notifications when a user receives a new pm or a forum tag. These push notifications would send a user a text whenever they receive a new pm or forum tag.

-push notifications when a user receives a new bid on an auction or trade. Same concept as the above.

So, what features would you like to see pet sites implement that can help them become mobile friendly?


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Feb 16, 2020
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If it's possible to make a desktop version along with a mobile version but of the same site. It probably would take longer, but at least the website can cater specific advantages for desktop users vs simplicity and ease of use for mobile users for example.

I'm not sure what the term is, but perhaps having the website being able to "react" to change in window size and etc. to make it smaller and still fit everything would be good.

Making sure the website doesn't have unnecessary content can also help lower having so much going on the website that it's hard for mobile users and they find it overwhelming?

Just throwing ideas around.
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Dec 16, 2021
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A lot of it just comes down to the css... sensible responsive breakpoints for desktop vs laptop vs tablet vs phone. Most modern front-end frameworks give great tools for this, and explain it all in their docs, but you can DIY it as well. It is not so much complicated in itself as you can over-complicate it for yourself, is sort of the issue. Letting things collapse, expand, and stack differently based on screen size will make your site flow so much better regardless of screen, it's just something you have to consider at every stage to have a fully responsive site, and it does add up over time. Small things to continually consider.

A small thing that I think is overlooked the most would be margins! So simple, effective, and so often entirely unused on these games. Please give some breathing room between buttons, dropdowns, and navigational links. More than one game I love wholeheartedly, where all the time I am like ahhh why can't there just be some pixel space between these two lil nav links? These two drop downs in the previewer? When tapping on a phone screen, just some space between two clickables will help you not tap the wrong one accidentally. Just add some margins--or padding and larger font sizes. Basically, big buttons can be right by each other, but small ones need some space.

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