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  1. We totally understand when you feel like it's time for a change and you want a different username, so we offer this to our amazing users this server. Currently, only myself and @Evolution@Evolution are able to do this.

    So, if you don't want your new name to posted on the boards, then please PM one of us or simple request a name change by responding here with your new desired name and it's available, we'll change your name for you.
    #1 cpvr, Mar 26, 2012
    Last edited: May 16, 2015
  2. Hi um. I was wondering if I could get my username changed to Zr or Zrr if that's too short?
    Thank you :3
  3. Ya, sure, that's fine. Done
  4. Not actually seen this on a site!

    I wish petsites would let you change username! It's a pain when you get stuck with one you hate xD
  5. Hello, could you please change my username to FlashYears87
  6. Done. :)
  7. It's a pain for pet sites to do because it would require to update a lot of tables involved with the username. Forum posts, items, pets, referrals, etc.. It would be a good cash shop option though lol
  8. Yeah! Would make quite alot if you could buy it with rl money XD
  9. Can I have my name changed to Direwing? I would rather have just Mio with the one 'i', but it appears to be taken. xD
  10. Sure. I'll do that.
  11. Thanks!
  12. You're welcome, and done.:style
  13. @cpvrcpvr - Is it okay to ping/mention? I figured it was important enough because I have a message in the help queue right now about my account & registering problems. Can I get mine changed to Misfit? This was connected through my Facebook - I sent in a report about not being able to register, and figured why not try the FB Platform? Well, I can access the site now, but I don't want my FB name plastered everywhere (especially considering I like to keep it private).
    #13 Misfit, Nov 20, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  14. Your wish is my command. Your username has been changed.
    #14 cpvr, Nov 20, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
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  15. Thanks, you're a lifesaver! You guys can ignore my request in the queue then, if you haven't got to it already (it's under Registration Problems), as this is obviously solved. You're great.
  16. You're welcome!
  17. May I have a username change? To Kino?
  18. @KinoKino sure! Done for you.
    #18 Evolution, Nov 21, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  19. #19 Corsair, Dec 21, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  20. Done.

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