How to get Dukka Coins on Marapets


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Feb 7, 2020
How to get Dukka Coins on Marapets.

Dukka Coins are the currency that’s used in Dukka Town and in the Pirate Shop, but in order for you to earn them, you’ll have to try to loot Russila, who is the NPC of Dukka Dash. You’re able to play this game every 30 minutes, however it will cost you 3,000 marapoints to test your luck. Sometimes you might get lucky, loot a good bag and obtain dukka coins or Rusila will give you fake Dukka coins, or just marapoints, but don’t frait, try again.

You can also obtain Dukka coins from the Wheel of Fortune, user shops, Word Pirate, Account Upgrades shop, and Archeology or occasionally from pirates in random events.

Dukka Coins are very valuable on Marapets ond they’re easily selling for 20k-400k marapoints in the auctions & trades, so be sure to try to loot Rusilla as much as possible. Some Fake Dukka Coins are also worth a lot too, so be sure to check out the prices on the market as well.