HUGE Petsite/Pet Sim Mobile Game Starter Bundle by Kirawra - EMERGENCY QUICKSALE


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Aug 20, 2020
Price: Accepting USD (paypal, cashapp, ko-fi, etsy) offers. I originally paid $275 in total for this set of art; I would like fair offers near this range but will take a huge loss to see them gone. Any reasonable offer will take them. I'm not looking at any other types of offers (no characters, no art, no trades, sorry). I am in an emergency situation & desperately need funds so I can eat.

Perfect for browser-based or mobile games.

Files: Comes with 9 creatures (seen here - ). PSD files will be sent thru your choice of email or drive link. All layers are beautifully separated & named; separate lineart, shading, etc for the easiest possible setup for you to use & colour & edit. The files are very large in canvas size so you can put in lots of tiny details. Everything is ready to use.

Creatures: crocodile, "yoshi", "skulldog", cat, dog, raccoon (winged), hedgehog, dragon, dolphin

Artist: (kirawra)
Kirawra is a professional petsite/petsim/virtupet/etc artist who creates for big pet-games like Subeta, Aywas, etc.

Ownership: Bought from Kirawra many years ago but never had the time to make anything with them. Permission to resell has been granted by Kirawra.

Legal: Comes with all commercial rights included so you can use them for your games, graphics, merch, & all that good stuff.


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