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  1. After 46 hours of logged play (and several more of game overs), I just won Final Fantasy 6!

    I still can't decide whether I prefer FFVI or LoD, but those are my top two favorite games I've ever played (so far). I've actually never won LoD (despite it being a slightly shorter game) because I was put in an impossible position for Melbu Frama.

    I defeated Kefka, though! :)

    *Is a geek*
  2. Awesome :D I was never really a FF person but that's a lot of time to devote to a game. I'm sure you could devote a lot more if you wanted to, yeah?
  3. That is really good, you must of been really worn out after that :p, I've never actually played final fantasy. Would you recommend it?
  4. Final Fantasy games are awesome ^^ I've played quite a few but have never actually completed one personally. I've watched others play and beat them though. I really liked FFIX and FFX. Those had the best opening theme songs in my opinion. :)

    But congratz on beating FF6! I've never played that one though. Does that one have a character named Seifer in it? Or am I thinking of a different game? XD
  5. I was never able to finish an FF game. I would always finish a quarter of it, then want to take a break after hours of grinding. Then I get busy with something else and forget about it.

    Except for FF7, which...Broke. *sobs* Dear god, FF7, I loved you so much! :(
  6. I always get suck with the feeding the fish to Cid. Since I keep trying to kill him off. He never dies on me.
  7. ws: You're thinking of Setzer, or maybe FF8.
    Michi: I was trying to save him, but he died.
  8. Killing him has the better scene anyway. And to save him you have ot catch the very fast fish. The slow fishes kill him.
  9. [x] 800h+ invested in FF Games :)

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