I need some help redesigning my pet game's front page


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Jun 23, 2020
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I got told that I really need to redesign the front page and that the main menu also needs a lot of decluttering. But I cannot seem to figure out what would look better. Each time I ask about it I get told a whole bunch of different things and I can't decide which one I should do.

If nobody can help me that is okay, should I hire someone? I'm not in good financial shape but I will see what I can do. But first I'm trying to see if I can do it myself with a little advice.

Thank you!!
Oh hey Xanje, a couple of us play that. Just at a quick glance I'd say converting it into an image carousel or slideshow would be the best way to clean it up. You might just need to make some of the images about the same size as the "welcome to Xanje banner" and then stick them into there, then maybe just include the sign up button on the bottom. You can get this with Bootstrap if you would like.

Though that's just what I'd do in my amateur opinion and what I'm assuming would be the easiest fix
I dont think it's too cluttered at all. However, I'm not a fan of the snowy background. I think something more simple would suit the site better.
In my opinion, everything looks good except for the pop up. You need to find a way to fix that because it's not that appealing with the way it appears in the centre of the page.