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I need to buy some new head phones: what do you recommend?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by cpvr, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. Well, I'm getting sick and tired of the head phones that you use for the iPod - I use these to plug them into my laptop - and yet, this is the second pair of head phones that I've blown up - one ear piece doesn't work for both of the head phones - so, what head phones do you guys recommend that's pretty cheap - and is very reliable in terms of "playing loud music", and not blowing up the ear piece?

    I'm not looking for head phones over the price of $30 or anything like that - I need something cheap that can keep me playing music while I'm online - because, music is my passion and I love to listen to it while I chat online with people, and also, when I write new content.

    So, can anyone help me here?
  2. If you're still looking (I think you are), I recommend Koss. They are cheap and work great! Skullcandy also has some headphones which aren't too expensive (surprisingly), but they are basic.

    And also, thanks for reminding me, I need to call up Dr Dre tomorrow to get my beats replaced :3
  3. I got a fresh pair the other day for $10 with bass included, and it was from Wal mart. If they blow out, I can return it up to a year. Ya, get those replaced.
  4. I keep forgetting!! Ugh! x(

    How are your pair holding up? What brand?
  5. The brand is "9mm" ear buds/ head phones. They've been holding up pretty good.

    They've been lasting a while now. I want to try the new iPod head phones and see what the bass is like on those ones as well. My mom and brother have a pair of them. But, they won't let me use them. Ha!:p

    How are your beats audio head phones holding up? Did you get it fixed? My sister also received a pair the other day thanks to some contest she entered.

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