If I started a site where you can build your own pet site, would you start one?


90 And Up! VPL Member
Jan 23, 2024
I've been thinking about starting a project to help @cpvr make this community strive again.
I already ran this idea by Carlos a couple weeks ago, basically it would be a set up similar to how iPetsite was if anyone remembers it.

You will be able to sign up, and create a pet site. yourpetsite.mysite.com. You will be assigned a site with a subdomain, basic features of a pet site.
Maybe upgrades/addons that can be paid for. Let me know what you guys think!

If this post gets enough interest. I'll code, and develop a site for this purpose. I would provide links back to VPL too.
It is an excellent idea to start a pet-focused website. It will be useful to pet enthusiasts who like to share their pet-related information because it will be easy for them to upload their posts. By creating a pet website, they can create a community of others who share their affection for their fur babies.