Introducing - The Next Evolution of Indie Game Development & Marketing


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Feb 7, 2020

The newly rebranded serves as a comprehensive platform for developer support, release management, and marketing, tailored specifically for independent game developers. It offers hands-on assistance and strategic guidance throughout all project stages. This transformation follows Freedom Games' achievements with titles such as Coromon, HumanitZ, and Echoes of the Plum Grove, continuing its commitment to holistic and equitable support for independent creators.

With over 300 new games launched on Steam each week, developers need more than just a well-crafted game to stand out; effective distribution, marketing, and promotion are crucial for success. The team behind aims to level the playing field by providing a robust suite of resources, services, and management tools designed to help independent developers break through the noise and reach their audience.

The Key features of include:

Development Toolkit:

A comprehensive array of advanced tools and frameworks designed to simplify the game development process, including game focus testing, access to consoles and devkits, and in-house QA services.

Marketing and Promotion:

Personalized strategies and expert advice for community engagement, PR, events, and advertising, covering all phases from announcement to post-launch.

Educational Resources:

A vast collection of tutorials, guides, and industry insights to enhance developers' skills and knowledge.

Creative Alliance:

Interactive forums where developers can share ideas and collaborate on projects within's dynamic community.


Launch and Distribution Support:

Assistance in navigating the complexities of game launches and distribution, leveraging partnerships with over 60 global partners.

Source: "Introducing - The Next Evolution of Indie Game Development & Marketing " - Games Press