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KingdomSky: A sinister plan revealed!

Discussion in 'Virtual Pets News' started by Rj, Jun 23, 2012.

  1. <small>Saturday, June 23, 2012</small>​
    [h=3]A Sinister Plan Revealed![/h][​IMG]

    Juan helped Sakura rise to her feet as the darkness that had enveloped Saki Gardens quickly approached them.

    As it neared, the dark cloud slowly took shape, revealing a figure that grew and became more defined until before them stood a looming, menacing creature who began to speak with what at first, sounded like a deep, rumbling growl...

    "Allow me to introduce myself." The creature spoke slowly as the smoke that enveloped the creature's surrounding smoke circled around them as if trapping them in. "My wondrous name is Nox...the lord of everything, let's just say...that you are not." Nox smirked.

    "HOW DARE YOU KILL MY TREES!" Sakura said loudly as she broke away from Juan's arms to confront Nox. "Well now, it appears I might have ruffled some angelic feathers." A smirk racing across his face. "It is a rather curious story you see." He said as he closed in, burning the ground he walked on. "I was conjured by the very Earthlings you are trying to save!" He said loudly and although he stood several feet away from Sakura, she could feel the infernal heat emanating from his body.

    "While you and your precious Pure Hearts have been building Kingdom Sky, there have been many whose heart became possessed by the very emotions you pathetic creatures deny to accept!" He continued.


    Alas, just a few of my favorite things!" He yelled. "So while you all create this pretty little world, the humans below gathered and conjured the magnificent beast before you!" Yet another twisted smile of satisfaction sprawled across his charcoal lips.

    "BUT WHY MY TREES, NOX!" Aika looked longingly at her owner. She could feel Sakura's indignity growing within her. "Why your trees?" He asked coyly. "Your trees are your pathetic worlds' source of hope!" His voice grew cracked like thunder. "Hope, that I must now continue to destroy!" His maniacal laughter shook the very ground they stood upon.

    Sakura clutched her chest, for her heart suddenly felt as if it was being torn in in shreds. But then, Sakura thought she heard something. Soft as a whisper, that grew in strength as she tried to listen, not with her ears, but with her heart. She closed her eyes and listened...

    Sakura....hope can not lives in your heart...and love...makes it grow....

    The whispered message rang in her mind and shook her very soul. She stood firmly and spread her wings as she was suddenly filled with a strength that spread through her like wildfire.

    "I WON'T LET YOU, NOX!" Sakura yelled defiantly. Nox was suddenly looming over here. "You and what army, Sakura?" Nox said, sarcastically. "We ARE the army, Nox, and all the Pure Hearts that believe in us and what we stand for!" The Elders rose and joined together, standing tall and brave, with wings outstretched.

    "Perhaps....I NEED TO TO TEACH YOU ALL A LESSON!" Nox said between bared teeth as he quickly rose his arm to strike Sakura. Sakura rose her arms to shield herself from the blow when she heard, the blow pound and felt something fall with a heavy thud at her feet. Sakura looked down to see Aika's body sprawled before with smoke softly wafting from it.

    "NOOOOOOO!" Sakura screamed as she fell to her knees clutching Aika's lifeless body against her chest. As she sobbed, tears trickled over her beloved guardians' singed body, exposing trials of wet, white and gold fur.

    "LET THAT BE A LESSON TO THE REST OF YOU WINGED RATS." Nox sneered. "I can not be stopped, and at my command every Cursed Blossom will disperse and as they do, everything they touch will burn, wither, and die!" He growled.

    "So enjoy your precious Kingdoms in the Sky while it lasts, you weak and pathetic fools!" His last words rumbled and echoed as he became enveloped by a thick, black smoke cloud that quickly began descending into Earth.

    I've not read this,so I'll share and read it too. :D
  2. This was really great to read. ^-^ I enjoyed reading it.
    Just wondering though. When does the site plan on opening?
  3. @ShadeShade, there isn't an exact date ATM, I'm sure when someone knows, everyone else will too. :p
    #3 Rj, Jun 23, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  4. @shade
    Most information can be found on Kingdom Sky's Facebook page, if that helps any.
  5. We will opening before the start of July though our plans are much sooner then the 30th...
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  6. Terrible news that made for an interesting and exciting read.

    Still looking forward to the date.
    It's good to know the plan is to open before the 30th
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  7. Well, it's pretty close to July now so I'm figuring the next few days will be vital for this.

    Just a quick thing about the writing, though. The caps abuse and repeated "..."s in the plot thing aren't very good things to have in site writing if you want it to be professional. It reminds me of bad fanfics. (Not the actual content, just the setup of it)
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  8. Imagine the moment we register, we already have a plot on-going!! *w*
  9. So, will the site open for everyone - or just for certain states during certain hours?

    Well, my question was answered:
  10. #10 Rj, Jun 24, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  11. Lion, I think you are a bit confused. We have not yet gotten your email and user name yet.
    When we next contact you we will THEN need the information you plan to register with on KS. That way we can easily find your account and make sure that it is really you rather then someone trying to sneak in.
  12. @clubanimonclubanimon I know that but you need to email me requesting for my details, i dont know what email I used, and 7 of my emails where discontinued from being hacked. So i may not get my email =3=
    #12 Rj, Jun 24, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  13. @LionLion we aren't going to e-mail you we are going to send you a PM on facebook.
    #13 WikiJason, Jun 24, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  14. @Leadershipguy. Aww thanks for that. I was panicking at 6am trying to change all my passwords and phoned my email provider up trying to sort out all my personal info. This is a relief. thanks for telling me this. I greatly appreciate it. p.s - I miss you on skype. :(
  15. Glad to see it was all resolved.
    @clubanimonclubanimon @ThatLeadershipGuyThatLeadershipGuy I wish Kingdom Sky a very happy and successful opening day. <3 You bet I'll be lurking ;) Probably for good.. hehe
    #15 Gabby, Jun 24, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
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  16. OMGOSH YES! :D So that means I get to be on for my bday!? lol, this is gonna be sweet! XD :eek:
  17. Ahhh so excited!

    Hate to be negative, though, but I totally agree with @KiaraKiara. The liberal use of caps, the incorrect punctuation and confusing sentence structures take away from the professionalism of the site. :c I physically cringed at "'NOOOOOOO!'" The plot is great otherwise, though! Can't wait. :)
    #17 glory, Jun 24, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
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  18. Not counting today makes 4 days till the 30th and tomorrow 3.. maybe it will release tomorrow or wednesday? c:
    Kingdom Sky did say before the 30th and i think they said earlier then the 30th so any day guys c:
  19. I am soo excited only a month and a few days til my birthday. So i will definitely be on for my birthday. I'm so glad they have a nice plot for the site setting up.
  20. I agree Jess!! Now if they have it up for my bday(the 30th) that'd b SWEET!! XD

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