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    Pretty Kitty Commissions

Leaky Parasite Worm

Discussion in 'Completed art Transactions' started by cameo, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. This is an expiriment in gross but still cute for anyone who is interested in that sort of thing. Though I screwed up on the layers, he color changes just fine. (The eyes and toungue and line-art are on their own layers). Can you just SMELL him?

    I designed this mostly because I'm gonna sell him and buy something from one of our local artists who needs the funds to help her cat. Since our art styles are quite different, I suspect we'll cover different audiences and someone will buy one or the other :)

    SB: $5
    AB: $15

  2. So amazing! I love this @cameo !! You drew it so well I literally just feel like I want to avoid him because he's a bad guy!! :)

    I hope kitty feels better :D
  3. Wow, this is awesome! Love the way you captured his expression, and I love the hanging bits drooping around his mouth (they remind me of some old wise man's mustache, haha). I really hope this sells, as he has a fantastic amount of personality!
  4. I had SO Much fun drawing this one and it's slightly off from typical petsite fair (which may make him less likely to sell but I had fun so that's what counts).

    I read @HarleHarle 's post about her kitty and I'm gonna try and help her out with that!
    #4 cameo, Jun 11, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  5. I will throw a massive temper tantrum if nobody buys this for their site. :|
  6. I'm still stalking this one... LOL

    Just too cool... I think I know where to use it...
  7. You have such an imagination Cameo! xD It's refreshing to see the unique critters you put in the market c:
    #7 Tyme, Jun 12, 2012
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2012
  8. Really creepy, but still nice. If I had a site, I'd probably buy this.
  9. Thank you, guys. Well, he'd probably make a cool battle enemy, but I also read people wanted some less cute pet sso I gave it a shot (even though somehow, in its grossness, it still has some charm).

    @Thyme - Thank you! I was going for origional!
  10. Okay, I had a suspicion he might be just a little too psycho for the pet community lol. I'm going to withdraw this auction and keep him to use somewhere in my alien universe. I'm kinda attached to him anyhow. Thank you, fine folks, for the compliments though!

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