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Feb 7, 2020
Lioden has released its latest Community Update and they now have a new community manager.

Community Update
As we mentioned before, aside from event news and the 2nd Friday of the month being focused on coding/art updates all at once, all other Fridays are centered around the community!


Official Lioden Raffle

LINK - This is our Official Lioden Raffle. Everyone gets a chance to win a rare prize, plus something extra for any runner ups. These raffles have a very minimal ticket price, and there is a limit of 1 ticket per account to make it fair!
Good luck!
This raffle will automatically end on 2020-05-01 00:00:00.


Special Announcement

Today, we would like to announce the arrival of our newest Admin Team member, Deader (#40)! As with Katze and Vix, Deader is a brand new Community Manager who has been going through training in order to assist Lioden's players, our staff, and the game itself. We hope you'll give your warmest welcomes!

Deader will be following the same duties that Katze and Vix are in charge of. As our site grows, and with the impending arrival of Wolvden, things are only becoming more and more hectic for our staff team. It's great to have a fresh, new set of paws to tackle issues.

Just like before, we're having a wardrobe contest for you guys!!! Design Deader's king to win a prize <3 LINK
End date for entries is April 30th, included!

While Deader's arrival is certainly something to celebrate, we do feel it appropriate to give a loving farewell to Baroness, our previous Community Manager. Though she is no longer a part of our official team due to being busy with real life, she is still a very dear friend who we will continue to cherish and appreciate. As with Clayton, her explore encounter will remain in the game for as long as possible. Thank you, Ness, we love you!


Important Reminder

With more and more reports of security breaches occurring in the news, we would like to stress the importance of practicing good account security measures. This goes for all services and websites, not just Lioden.

We have an Account Security category in the FAQ, which addresses a few major key points that will help to keep your cherished prides safe. These practices can certainly help in other areas of the internet as well!

The TL;DR of the FAQ is:
* Never share your account credentials. The only person that should have access to your account is... you!
* Be sure to use a password that is hard to guess. It may be difficult to remember complex and unique passwords, which ties into...
* Use a password manager to store your logins. There are several highly-recommended and secure password managers that are free-to-use for all devices and operating systems. If you easily forget your passwords, try using a manager!
* Log out of your account when you are not using it. Again, this goes for all websites, especially if you use a shared or public device.
* Regularly check your account activity. On Lioden, you can check your Manage Your Devices page and User Log page to observe for any unfamiliar or shady activity, and if you find something that looks odd, Modbox it!

Stay safe out there, guys! We often take the internet for granted, and when security leaks happen, it's easy to think it couldn't happen to you.


Raffle Lioness

Congrats Chap (#183604)! You have won last week's Nadir lady, woo!
A new Sepia lady with Feline 5 Dark Brown, Silky Soft Unders, and the eighth The Serengeti background is up for impressing in the Special Lioness area linked here!

Poll Results - Seems like most of the players that voted like to keep their prides on the smaller side. Those that chose "300+", we are both extremely impressed and also incredibly scared how do you even feed them, please give your huntresses a break, they are begging you.

NEW POLL - We really adore artists - art is such important part of Lioden! Not only the game itself, but the community too! Do you commission or buy art from other players on Lioden? :eek:


Next Development Update: May 8th!

Friday goofy doodle comic:


Source: Community Update #65! :|: Lioden

What are your thoughts and/or opinions on Lioden's newest community update?

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