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  1. I have many idea's floating around though my main priority is my oRPG Creator. Its first major release is coming soon which mean's I am about to have some free time coming up. I got 5 idea's for some site's but I need help with them. I will split profilt 60% me, 40% me. I will handle all server and domain cost. I will also do all programming and most likely pay for a neat little design which is why I will be taking 60%. My partner or more depending if they want to do more then one site with me main goal will be to add content to the site. One the two hours a day is fine. These type's of site should do fairly well. Once the site's get content and gets a little known, they should grow quickly. I will pay weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. How-ever you prefer though we will only be making money from ads and donations from 4 of the site's. PM me or add me on msn if you want to hear more if your interested.


    I want to relese about 10 new sites by mid september!
  2. What kind of sites are you trying to work on? And what type of work is it? Depending on the type of work, my hubby might be interested.
  3. What if the person is a developer and can come with their own servers as well ... would you consider 50/50?

  4. @SimSim Please provide more information on the ideas you have in mind? ^^;
    #4 Gabby, Jun 16, 2012
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  5. lol. That's 100% you then. haha
  6. Lol Just what I was thinking XD
  7. I'm still available to help out some of the art, and all I want is some coding in return x'D
    Haven't heard back from you on this, so please shoot me a PM or ping me!
  8. @SpottyWolfSpottyWolf most of the site's is content creation and advertising (I will also help advertise).
    @juddajudda yes I got no problem with that.
    @GabbyGabby I prefer to keep the idea's to myself and people who have spare time to work on projects. Not just post them open on the internet for anyone can read. I'm sure someone people can understand.
    @FlyingApeFlyingApe @EarthEarth you know what I meaning to say (I hope so anyways) 60 me, 40 you..

    I will post three of my idea's as I know two of them has been done several times over before. One is a virtual crime game. I already have 100 crimes made up for the game, a domain ( a basic script which will work to start thing's off.

    Another idea is a get paid to script. Get paid to watch videos, do surveys, install games and do misc other thing's. I am an affiliate with a network.

    One of my other idea's is a RPG Character database or just a character database from video games and anime show's.
    #8 Sim, Jun 16, 2012
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