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Management having favourites?

Discussion in 'Virtual Pets Chat' started by Astrial, Jan 29, 2012.

  1. I am not talking about staff members of this site nor any other site. I am talking to members that are either friends with management or pay regularly.

    I've seen it on a few websites. If you pay a lot or if you're best friends with management then you tend to be able to be a troll or do all sorts and staff are the first to protect your account in case of hacking going around.
    Am I the only one that has been experiencing this on a lot of site?


    That's not fair on hard working members who work hard and get far without paying or without being best buddies with administration.


    What's your views?
  2. I have seen this on many sites I have joined in the past. Its getting sicken, but its gonna happen. Its even worse when the owner does stuff like buying gifts with the site's money to this person, or you noticed that stuff happens more to these people than anyone else on the site.
  3. I've seen it everywhere and it's upsetting. But if you bring it up you just get shot down. There's a lot of people I could name right now, off the top of my head, that should not be in the positions they're in on MANY sites and in several organizations, but that's just how the world works, unfortunately. Rather depressing to think about.
  4. I fully agree with this statement and I too am deeply saddened by it :( I know this sounds terrible, but a lot of users are more than happy to help moderate stuff. I think that, if they are not getting paid to DESIGN or RUN the actual website, that they shouldn't have more power than anyone else. They shouldn't be able to give or take away privileges but, rather, they should be a friendly presence. If someone IS breaking the rules, I'm sure there are a few members of staff who could accept mail from the appointed moderators, who must submit proof of the infraction, and deal with it in a non bias way.
  5. What few websites have you seen it on? I think it would be best if you mentioned them to us. And also, I think its a case of being friendly and becoming friends with the management - and that tends to happen. I know if you show favoritism and the users call you out on it, then what are you going to do? I don't care if someone donates a lot of money to the site - what if they cheat? What if they break the rules? Then of course, they'll get the ban hammer just like anyone else.

    Donating to a site doesn't make you even more superior than the others. It also happens a lot in the real world as well, not just online.
  6. Marapets,
    Neopets definitely.

    I used to be a part of this forum that got shut down a while ago. I can't remember the name.
    A moderator who was apparently 16 at the time *Forum specified moderators had to be eighteen* developed a crush on one member *Seriously...* and when he lost a little board competition to win like idk a free signature she went skitzo and reported everyone who participated to staff for cheating and w.e. Half the staff walked out and she shut the forum.

    If someone is friendly to management I have no quarrels with them being friendly back, in fact I would think especially for a virtual pet site where their is always going to be a child or young teen/tween the management would be friendly.
    It's when management allow users to get away with flaming, starting wars, hacking accounts, spamming etc and just getting a pat on the back or a 'aww don't do that' and someone else who breaks a little rule *eg accidental double post* gets blimming forum banned!
  7. Heh. I remember the favoritism on Neopets back in the day - I believe the user "Featheralley" was a staff favorite at quite some time, but I could be wrong about that. And plus, I've never heard about members being favorited on Marapets - who are these users? They must of sucked-up and become real good friends with the moderators or something - because staff favoritism is ridiculous, but hey it happens - what are we supposed to do?:confused:
  8. Do you have proof for any sites?
  9. Oh if we want to talk about neopets I remember this one user that had some staff twisted around her little finger. Reissue I think the user was. She would harass me all over the premium forums just because of one beauty contest where I came second in draik species. Reported to the staff, and they said she wasn't doing anything wrong even though her and a group of her blind followers would attack me every time I would BC on the premium boards or stepped off one of the chat boards in the charter area. I ended up quitting premium because I couldn't deal with it anymore.
  10. I sense this a lot on a game I used to play. It culminated when the person was promoted to staff versus other abled applicants who happened to be my friends. I might be biased though. XD.

    I'm not a fan, personally. I think it steals chances away from others and creates a certain bias that can't be reconciled during issues such as fights involving the biased party.

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