Marapets’ new feature Venomous victory is now here


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Feb 7, 2020
A new Venomous Victory feature has been released in Eleka's Castle.

Complete the Venomous Victory Treasure Map to permanently unlock this feature. You can then play this for FREE once every 24 Hours.

This map is currently in the Mad Scientist themed Account Upgrades set.

Roll the dice to move ahead on the board (roll a six and you can roll the dice again) and you will add MP to the prize pot at each move.
You could also earn your pet a Transformation or stat.

If you reach a Ladder, you will climb it and win a random Photo item prize. Stop at a Poera and you'll be swallowed, go backwards and this venomous attack will earn your pet a random transformation, without risk of it ever changing!

Your pet will only change to a random colour and/or species and then change back. If you have the Pet Stats Giftbox in your collection, you can also select which pet will receive the transformations and stats before you play.

Beat the skull to the end of the board to win the MP in the prize pot. You will also be given the choice to change your pet to any of the transformations you have earned during this game for FREE.

Lose the game and your pet will get sick and you will not win the MP in the prize pot.

Source: MaraPets - News So, what are your thoughts on Marapets’ new feature, the venomous victory? Are you a fan of venomous victory or not really?🤔

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