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Marapets - New pet

Discussion in 'Virtual Pets News' started by santamynana, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. NEW PET
    Introducing our 66th species of Marapet. The Willa is a restricted pet. You will find out soon how to get one.


    anyone else think this pet is really cute?, could this pet be coming from the war? and do you think ian is starting to care more for the site now?
  2. That's actually a pretty cute pet.​
  3. yeah thats what i thought
  4. I agree with both of you, but what is that thing on it's chest...extra fur I guess, but that looks a bit strange to me.
  5. it's like the same thing that it has on it's head, it's like a squirrel-hen/chicken
  6. I see...still a bit weird to me, but a cute pet none the less.
    And to answer your other question from the first appears that Ian does care more about Marapets. I'll keep my fingers crossed, but I do appreciate all of the updates that have been going on recently.
  7. same, you know i wonder if this is an old laimay art or if it's one of the two new artists art
  8. To me it similar to, but not quite like the old artwork, so my guess is that one of the new artists did the work, but I don't really know. What do you think?
  9. it looks like laimays, but i do think that it could of been one of the new artists
  10. I stopped at 'restricted' pet. It doesn't look like it's worth the 'restriction' at all.
  11. why do you think that? i think it's got potential to be a restricted pet, ian needs to level out the amount of le/restricted pets against non les so im guessing that why he releases more
  12. Ian doesn't care about marapets anymore than before. I've honestly had enough with him, it's the same thing over and over. He will go completely MIA with some crappy excuse, or none at all sometimes, and be gone however long he wants. He said in Adult Forums that marapets is a hobby that he gets to when he feels like it. He has no aspirations for growing the website, yes he's getting a lot done now and I'm surprised he's stayed this long, but he will be gone once more. I also don't agree that he doesn't pay ANY of his staff a dime (excluding artists), the faithful administration that he's had for so long just blows my mind, he would be absolutely no where without some of them. Though to be completely honest most of the current staff do almost nothing, not naming any names but I know what goes on behind the scenes. It's not entirely their fault, they are unappreciated, I wouldn't work for him either!

    On the topic of the pet, it fits maras art style for sure, but mara has soooo many pets it's stupid ridiculous. (and I dislike the design itself) Ian needs to tell his new artists to focus on getting the current pets into costumes because there are so many costumes with just a few pets available. Costumes have so much catching up to do, it's absurd and unfair to the artists to ask for new species.
  13. You know, it's really just a colorful chinchilla. There's absolutely nothing special about it that screams "You've got to have me!". There's honestly nothing out of the ordinary here. Sure it's cuter and has a more attractive art-style than most of the other pets, but that's just about it.
  14. I should probably explain ourselves for a moment XD Ian and I have been taking about all of this ourselves, and he wants to pull back on releasing any new costumes or pets for a while. However, he did want to release one more pet and costume for a new AU, because that's how we're gonna get our pay. The better our art, the more we sell, the better we get paid. I am hoping and praying so hard that my work is good enough for a sellable AU XD

    After this, focus will be on releasing lots more pets for the old costumes and releasing the old costumes for sale again, revamping some pets, and revamping some costumes. He really dislikes certain pets and costumes, like Equilor and Paffuto, and wants them to be revamped entirely, and some pets he just wants to have a little update to freshen-up the coloring and lineart, nothing so drastic that they're different pets entirely.

    But what he wants to do the most is finish all of the worlds, revamp the battle system, fix the layout, change the AU packages, fill-up shops with new items, revamp old cruddy items and shopkeepers, and many other things he hasn't even had the chance to talk about yet.

    Personally, I don't think my Willa is worth being restricted either XD I needed a LOT of help with it, but he hasn't gotten us an art director yet. I was originally thinking it could be the prize for a Lowlyhood mission, but that's not how it worked out. I didn't even get to mention it before he said he was suddenly gonna release them in the news XD I had a strong feeling that they weren't ready to be released yet, but since they've been revealed but not released yet, it gives me a chance to work-out the kinks in them :) Redlines would be most appreciated, and I already know that the line thickness should be varied a bit.
  15. well thats good, some of the art deserves a good revamp, i wonder if he'll treat you to a "$250 tablet" to improve the art like he did last war for laimay :p
  16. Oh no worries, I have a shiny new tablet that's totally awesome... I just can't use it for beans XD Learning to use a tablet is learning how to draw all over again. I draw like a little kid XD
  17. aha i bet, do you have a Da or something like that of your work?
  18. I have several DAs XD All of them are fairly neglected in the art department (I draw every day, but have been way too shy to post anything, before Ian approached me, that is) This is my main account, I plan to update it more often with the work I do for Mara :)
  19. wow i love some of the art on there, it's really good

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