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Medco called me last night

Discussion in 'Health' started by cpvr, Jun 22, 2012.

  1. Well, I had a chat with someone from Medco last night, and they work with my heallth insurance company. So they told me that they'll contact my Doctor and see if they can change my medications from a month's supply, which costs $50 - to a 90-day supply, which would be $50 - so its quite the savings.:style

    They will also be mailing in my medications - instead of me going to CVS pharmacy to get them filled and such.

    Here's a link to Medco though - perhaps, they can help you as well?

    Talk about savings, I hope this happens as well because they're willing to help me with this - and the price of my medications is not a joke, so I feel quite relieved about this.

    Has Medco ever contacted you or anything?
  2. Lmao the little voice in my head read the title of this post in like a deep G overtone, very humorous, lol. Sounded like some mob shit.. xD
    I'm finding it hard to take the rest of this post seriously, rofl.

    Legit? Omg. That would be Mike's dream, if only..

    I'll let Mike know about it. Mike is Medicaid Pending right now, but all of his prescriptions are free. This is really cool, though, I am kinda curious about the mail in prescription thing. It's one less stress/trip for Mike and I, so thats a good thing.

    Medco never contacted me, lol, I never even heard of it until you mentioned it last night. x_x
  3. @GabbyGabby
    I don't have mediciaid, but my brother does and his medications are free, too. so you'll have to contact them to see if its possible. I'm with Blue cross blue shield because my dad has health insurance for the whole family. I might have to get Medicaid when I'm 25 though.

    Very legit ^.^ I was surprised by the phone call though because I don't usually have calls come in through the house phone. My dad gave me the Phone, and it covers 90 days worth of medications, so you pay less for the bang, which is what I wanted. When she told me the prices, I was like go for it because it'll be worth it for me.
    #3 cpvr, Jun 22, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  4. You probably will have to be on medicaid when you're 25 though. Unless things change radically and you get a high paying job where you aren't eligible at all. It's a good thing about Blue Cross Blue Shield, but sadly, all the insurance companies are beginning to go under, I'm not too sure how much longer they'll be around. (My mom is an insurance broker-been doing it since the 70s-35+ years experience under her belt)

    Yeah I could see why you have calls mostly routed through your cellphone, lol.
    I really bet you said "go for it". I've never heard your voice but sometimes I feel like you're talking to me over the phone or something.
    I am happy this worked out for you..
    I told Mike about the mail in prescriptions and he said he was scared they will fuck his prescriptions up, so he'd rather go right to the pharmacy, *shrugs* Can't argue with that
  5. @GabbyGabby
    Unless a country-wide insurance company comes out, I don't see the insurance companies changing. They may change the amount of things that are covered though. And changing the prices. And I'm not worried about getting a high-paying job because I don't need one, I'm content with how my life is going for me.

    I'm not entirely worried about that - losing the scripts, and of course, because I was expecting it to be a scam or something. They're sending a fax to my doctor today as well. It all will work out, I hope because I see my doctor every two months anyways.
    #5 cpvr, Jun 22, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  6. Hehe, you have no idea. ;)
    & Someday, I have a feeling, you will regret saying
    All I can really say is, don't have any more kids until you're off Medicaid. ;)

    Meh. Lol.
    Did you used to see your doctor more frequently?
  7. @GabbyGabby
    Why not? My sister has it for her daughter and its good. She doesn't have any problems with it.

    No need to live life with regrets, so nope.

    I used to see him every two weeks, then it went to a month, then it went to two months. They told me I'm doing well so I don't have to come so often.
    #7 cpvr, Jun 22, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  8. It's taxpayer $$, society/community is paying for your kids when you can't. It's good to have in hard times, bad to be on for life.
    Steal from the rich give to the poor?

    Meh, regret is a strong word for you. I should have used curious. You might be curious when you get older. Especially since you'd rather be rich than poor

    *nods* That's what happened to Mike, but the place he used to go to shut down. It was alright... I guess. Lol
  9. @GabbyGabby
    And? It's good tfor broke people, my brother doesn't have a lot of money nor does my sister. She's struggling to survive, so what other option does she have for health care for her daughter? Nothin.

    Saving my money is a good way for me to get rich.
    #9 cpvr, Jun 22, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  10. If you're broke, you shouldn't have kids, that's what I'm saying.
    Medicaid is for people that have fallen on hard times that have kids to feed already
    I don't think it's right for our community to have to pay for poor people to reproduce and have kids.
    Essentially, don't have kids if you can't afford it - number one indicator that you can't afford it: you're on Medicaid.

    Not at $97/month in server costs & other expenses...
  11. I tried to use Medco, but they informed me that my insurance doesn't cover acne meds. x_x
  12. How much do you pay for acne meds?

    Okay, I don't see your point? She was doing fine before her daughter was born, so what are you saying - if you get pregnant, you should have an abortion? Is that what you're preaching? My niece is fine though, she doesn't have much medical problems - except that she needs tubs her ears.

    When my ex was pregnant, she had a job, I made her quit because I was working full time and could get the heath insurance that my family needed - which means, you can be a parent and still work for your family. And that's what the government is here for, to help those in needs. But, if you ask me about those selling their food stamps for drugs, then ya, they shouldn't have it. But, trying to deny the fact that people use it because they can't cover their own costs is absurd. I think if you were in the same position as those that need health insurance, especially with a baby, your views would be a lot different.

    Also, there's a lot of people in this world that need government assistant - in terms of health care and other things - that does not make them a bad person. The government designed these things for the people.

    And plus, you can't always prevent a pregnancy from happening.
    Oh ya? You don't have bills? I have plenty of things to pay for, my phone bill, house rent, and having the movie package channel for directTV. Do I still have money to spend and fund certain things that I did, yes. It's not hard to save money if you cut out the costs of food and other things. You're also forgetting that I pay $200 for rent/month, cigs $40/week, and other things that I may need. It's not hard to save money at all, I've done it before.

    And plus, if money was an issue for this community, or I, I would have never upgraded the server to begin with, so I'm not sure why that was brought up.
  13. 1. Meds are ridiculously expensive. @_@ My grandpa has these cancer ones (thankful insurance is there) that cost 6k. @_@

    2. I agree with @Gabby that people should only have children if they can support themselves (such as if food stamps just stopped, what would happen to the people that rely on them?) However, as long as the child is adequately being taken care of (such as with @cpvr) there is not much of a problem.

    I just know that if I ever become pregnant, the child will only be born if my finances are stable and I can afford it. Just saying. :/ (I know what it is like to grow up in a money-restricted house and it is not a pleasant experience as it provokes arguments and such... I wouldn't want to put anyone through that if it wasn't needed)
  14. @GabbyGabby you have to think. Sometimes you need the extra help. There is a lot of people who become disable and still have kids too that are on medicaid. I grew up being on medicaid even. Kids are not a planned thing. Sometimes it happens and it can happen to many. Hell you can only get welfare these days if you have kids.

    As for the saving money thing. You can still have bills and save money. It takes a dollar a day to become rich basically. Why should it matter that cpvr upgraded the server? There is a lot you haven't taken account for like cpvr said. Hell I pay right now $400 a month, $100 a week for food, and for other stuff. Its not easy. Yet I still find time to donate to the site or buy a new game.

    Edit: What about if the person was raped and pregnant but their beliefs doesn't allow them to get rid of the child? They weren't ready for a kid, not in a good financial situation, and need the help. Should you look down on the mother for following her beliefs and getting help though medicaid to keep the child healthy? What about those who were in good situations when deciding they should have a child and then something happens during pregnancy that changes the situation to bad like they lost their jobs. You know they are still going to keep their kid no matter what. Just with a little help now. Or they have a kid and one of the parents walk out on them or get divorce and whatnot? You don't know the situation to judge those who need financial help that have kids.
    #14 Michi, Jun 22, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
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  15. Why are you being so rude? Not all people plan to have kids. The community doesn't pay for people to have kids, are you that delusional? They pay for people in need of social assistance with their taxes. Yes some people abuse the system, but there is actually people that need it, because it can be hard to find a job, especially if they don't even have a high school diploma.

    I can tell you right now that this forum makes more then $97 a month, it has a nice amount of traffic, and a active community.
  16. You don't see my point because I'm generalizing. As I just explained to you in private, I don't agree with abortions, unless it's rape and/or the fetus is very deformed or unhealthy. It's circumstantial. For everything that has happened in your family, no, I don't agree with abortion. Don't ask me my views on abortion, though, they contradict each other all the time - it's because I'm very sensitive towards it. Very. I avoid the topic as much as I can. If any one comments on my views on abortion, I'm just going to ignore it from here on.

    I'm not preaching anything, chill.
    If anything, I am conversing to you about how I feel about people having children on Medicaid. I don't know how you just derailed this into abortion, I never even mentioned abortion, lol. I'm thinking of a completely different thing than you are.
    And now I'm apparently being attacked for it? Meh.

    Again, my fiance is on Medicaid, so I would really appreciate it if you stop saying "if you were in the same position.." I very much could be. That's why I'm thinking of these things and mentioning them now. I exercise proper birth control to avoid an unplanned pregnancy. I think it's absurd for anyone to mindlessly have sex unprotected expecting the taxpayers to pay for their mistake. I'm not saying that would be you, but it wouldn't be any better if you decided you could afford kids on Medicaid, that's all I'm saying. I don't know if you would, I don't even mean to declare or judge that you would.. Truthfully, I am just conversing about it. I'm not even trying to start a debate.

    No shit, Mike is on Medicaid. Before Medicaid, he was on Child Health Plus. I thank everyday these plans exist. They honestly help me sleep at night..

    There are birth control methods that literally cover ~99% from an unplanned pregnancy from happening, if it's used correctly. If you're one of the 1% that found the margin of error, I would never judge that. But that's a slim chance, if you ask me..

    I'm glad you manage your finances well. I was just making a statement, not doubting you. Why are you so defensive? I'm not attacking you at all..:confused:

    I didn't think money was an issue, I was just making a statement. Calm downnn :surrender:

    Yep! cpvr is lovely to Harmony. :) I would have objected a long time ago if I felt anything else [probably wouldn't be apart of this community now if so.. :laugh:]

    Not a fan of abortion, but each circumstance is different, and I don't always judge mothers that get abortions. I generally agree with what you're saying, though. :) Finanically stable home is honestly the best for a child, and that's precisely what I mean by 'planned pregnancy'. I'm glad you understood. Thank you so much for the support :)

    I said "Medicaid is for people that have fallen on hard times that have kids to feed already". My fiance has the same issues as cpvr, and if we had kids, I wouldn't feel any less than cpvr does. I'm speaking for the people in the opposite situations. I don't know why you think I'm not? :confused: The issue I'm talking about is when people have more kids on welfare purposefully. That's wrong. I wasn't suggesting cpvr did that though, I don't think cpvr even applies to this to begin with. I just said "don't have any more kids" out of conversational banter, isn't that common sense, though? Biting more than you can chew:confused:.. Lol. I dunno. Maybe I'm speaking to the wrong crowd about this:confused:

    That's good! Again, I just made a statement, I don't know why people are reading more into it. Lol

    Not. At. All. I'm a little upset you assumed I felt that way. :( I'd do everything I could to help the mother. But on topic, that's why those programs exist, and that's what I'm defending- the purpose of the program. I know there are so many people who cheat the system (ignorantly also), that's my concern (and where the statement stemmed from, not from cpvr).

    ... I have already answered this multiple times. x_x I would really appreciate if my words weren't misconstrued.

    @cpvrcpvr agrees that neither of us were being rude. So I believe you might be getting very poor vibes arbitrarily.
    Refer to the answers I've made earlier in this post. I have been very calm and speaking out of conversation; I don't see where I could be mistaken as rude, other than the fact my reply was short in the post you quoted. The reason why I was short was because I'm not worried about cpvr. I know he's not cheating the system. And again, I was just chatting, not personally attacking anyone.

    But the unplanned factor is circumstantial. It depends on the situation.

    Delusional?:confused: I no longer believe I'm the one being rude.
    I have not addressed you, or cpvr, in that manner. I would appreciate if you refrain from using that language in your replies to me. I speak out of personal feelings, nothing more, as this is a sensitive topic to me, and I'm starting to feel trite.

    Anyway. Yes, you're correct, the community doesn't have to pay people to have kids. That wasn't the point I was trying to make.
    Allow me to reexplain, I seem to have lost you:
    Medicaid is provided through taxpayer dollars, so those on Medicaid who believe they can afford having more kids have a large flaw in their logic. That flaw being they can't afford having more kids without taxpayer help.

    It's economic assistance, not social.
    I'm happy the system is there, like for my fiance, who isn't abusing it. I'm also glad it will be there for cpvr when he turns 25+. I'm not happy with the amount of people who are on it to cheat it - having kids on the system so they don't have to pay for their health insurance themselves.

    #16 Gabby, Jun 22, 2012
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  17. @GabbyGabby
    Birth control can sometimes fuck up as well.
    There's still a 1% factor though. Even if the doctor claims its the best. Nobody can really determine if a pregnancy can or cannot happen. It's apart of life.

    She's the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. I don't know what I'd be doing today if I wasn't a daddy.

    I see, but who are we to judge on this?

    I'll be getting booted off my parent's insurance when I turn 25 though, so I'll more than likely pay for Medicaid. Its something I rarely think about though.

    Actually, you're right in the sense not all people plan to have kids, but calling @GabbyGabby rude is kind of wrong on this subject, but I see where you're coming from. The government assistance-programs are a life saver for many people. Especially for those that can't work, have a disorder, or have a family to run without any help. Food stamps help out a ton of people,. but then again, you have people that abuse it by selling it to others.

    And no, VPL is not quite that profitable[yet].
    #17 cpvr, Jun 22, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  18. Question: if both of us agree, why are we still arguing?
    Something I've yet to understand about this forum is why people continue arguing after it's been established both parties are on the same 'side', if you will.


    I don't really trust doctors..

    Neither can you, though. :p

    :) I love that you have Harmony. I'm not knocking the past. I'm concerned about the future. You and Harmony are a big inspiration to me, anyways. It gives me hope that there is/was good parents under the age of 21 (I know you're 22 now, but you were 18 when you had Harmony)

    ^^ Steve Brule reference.

    By law it's 26... Unless it's different for you:confused: Not sure...


    :) I know right? The abusers will reap their karma, that's what I believe, anyway...

    ^^ Thank you
  19. @cpvrcpvr
    The acne meds normally retail for $822, but I have some weird rebate card that gets it down to 86. Supposedly the drug company runs a mail order pharmacy that sells the stuff for $25, however after jumping through all their hoops I still haven't gotten anything out of them. 86 is still too expensive in my opinion. I will be asking my dermatologist to switch me to something else.
    #19 Moof, Jun 27, 2012
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  20. That's a whole lot of money, I hope you can get the price down or find something much cheaper. I couldn't imagine paying that type of price for any type of medications, that's ridiculous.
    #20 cpvr, Jun 27, 2012
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