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Members Spamming for Referrals

Discussion in 'Virtual Pet Game Management' started by Michi, Jul 21, 2012.

  1. It has come to our attention that members have been pming other users with referral links to petsites. And not just one time, but over and over again if they felt the need to.

    I will say right now, we do not allow this kind of behavior for this site. So I'm warning you now. Do it and your permabanned. Its one of the main rules of the site and it is one that has a zero tolerance policy.

    If you want to support your site do it in other ways. Put the link or banner in your siggy or suggest the site to a user when they post looking for a new pet site board. Even try making a board on another site you go on and advertise it there, but don't go spamming users via pms or comments to do so on the sites there either.

    Thank you for reading guys, and take heart to these words. This won't be put up with anymore. So if someone spams you with a link for a site, report it to us ASAP.
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  2. And if someone continues to spam you, be sure to report them to the proper pet game that they're trying to refer from, and let their staff know that the user is going around spamming for referrals.
  3. Yeah, it's very important the administrator of the pet site being spammed is aware of the behavior also. Never assume an administrator already knows
  4. I had a mail about this on here, should I report it to KingdomSky?

    I had someone use my referral link to Goatlings and then straight off give me a referral link to Subeta and then didn't even bother to play Goatlings. - Kinda sad, I thought.

    Edit: Turns out the user who mailed me is banned now anyway.
    #4 SpunkiSpirou, Jul 22, 2012
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2012
  5. Fucking bullshit how, despite spamming on every fucking site (and even getting banned on Aywas for it lol), the user spamming people via PM to join Kingdom Sky still has their referrals, referral trophies, and referral prizes.
  6. THANK YOU so much for this <333 People were PMing me like CRAZY for referrals to KS... o_O
  7. What was their username? We got a report that it was the KS user King that was spamming here. Post the usernames here as well and hopefully report it to KS staff so they can do something about it.
  8. Yeah that's who I had doing it, but like I say it appears he's banned from here now.

    He was polite about it like would you mind joining this site for me and putting 'King' in the referral bit, but when I like asked a question you know like what is the site about all I got was 'its a virtual pet site' - well duh I know that much but what is it? Is it like Marapets, is it a breeding site, are there freebie daily things, etc.?

    And then something about like when I tried to join it a while back I got some weird message how the site didn't exist, that was when I went to join it, ages ago. And this user was like 'Try it now' and I'm like well I have a lot of tabs open so I'll do it later when I get off YouTube - cause that REALLY uses up my processor's resources.
  9. It was King. He was on KS's shout box earlier bragging about hitting 100 referrals.
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  10. Well I won't be using his referral link. At the end of the day he should have just posted it like on that board on here that says 'Post your referral links' or stuck it in the signature, then if people wanted to do it then they'd click on it. I feel like cause he doesn't even know me, its kinda rude to be trying to get people to do something when you haven't even done the basics of "Hey whats your name?" or "Hey would you like to be friends?".
  11. I actually wonder what other sites he's spamming to obtain referrals. Aywas, VPL, and probably some more.:(
  12. On Aywas he joined for the sole purpose of spamming people with PM's and his only post was to refer people.

    KS has made a post about it but I won't be happy until he is stripped of his referrals.
  13. ya i got a pm from him yesterday

    which is kind of stupid considering i had a link to my KS account when he sent the pm
    like thanks for the referral dude but something tells me i wont need it
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  14. Has he been banned on Aywas it? And can you post the KS news about it for us on another thread?
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  15. Mine took weeks. I didn't get a registered e-mail or anything. All of that and KS is boring as anything. I have no idea what I'm doing. The art is wonderful but I'm not impressed.
  16. My acceptance literally took a few hours to one day. xP
    Yeah.. I have to agree though. It's VERY boring. I quit after two days :/
    The navigation was retarded. I had no idea where anything was. Had to keep asking the shoutbox. But after you adopt your pet.. all there is is playing Higher or Lower... that's like the only way to earn too.
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  17. Exactly. I mean there's no welcome newbies message, or a goal for what you want to do. The art is amazing and I love the characters.'s all a little too Mary Sue/Gary Stu with how they've conducted things. Like...a child's idea of a fairytale.

    I'll stick to Aywas.
  18. I got accepted after like 5min, I thought it was going to take FOREVER and a day.

    I think its alright, but yeah finding stuff is hard. Like the icons for inventory etc are so small you have to mouse-over and see what the link is (it says what it is at the bottom of google).

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