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More Dark knight rises Madness

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Ajax, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. I'm glad the law enforcement caught him before he had the chance to do anything. Especially since he had no license to carry anything[the weapons].
  2. Yea, these people really need to stop the bs though.
  3. Hopefully they find this person and charge them.
    Such sick people in this world. Even though if they were joking, its not funny.
  4. Yea people are fucking crazy today and have no remorse.
  5. Ya man, and with the first shooting, I'm 100% sure they're not playing around with any type of threats. People need to learn how to chill out, watch what they say. Because that's nothin that should could out a human's mouth - especially a good one. We all know there's plenty of sick people out there though.
  6. I couldn't fix my mouth and say anything like that and knowing what just happened.
  7. Same here, and plus, nowadays the law enforcement doesn't care where you said something. A threat like that is very alarming no matter where you're at.
  8. And you know the laws get to those areas fast as hell lmao.
  9. Yup, especially since communications are so connected to them these days.
  10. Yep, I'm not saying commit crimes, but think things through first.
  11. If you don't think through your actions, you might make a lot of bad mistakes. I agree fully man
  12. Yep, and that's why their getting caught, but I'm going to shut up bc I sound like a delinquent haha.

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