Neopets Launches NEW Plot, The Void Within


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Feb 7, 2020
Neopets has unveiled its highly anticipated plot, "The Void Within," running from June 2024 through early 2025. This storyline introduces new characters on journeys exploring themes of community, family, inclusion, well-being, and identity.

Changes Already Happening:

- New Customizable Items
Players can now access a range of diverse hairstyles and representation items, including pride and accessibility options.

Outdated and insensitive terms have been removed from the site, with new lore promoting inclusivity and addressing underrepresentation action.

- Character Revamps

The Library Faerie now uses specialized crutches for travel and a wheelchair within her library.
- Enhanced Representation
New characters, such as a social media mascot with hearing aids, have been added, enriching the diverse world of Neopia.

What's to Come for Neopets:

- Nyx Return
The new protagonist, Nyx, comes back to Neopia after being lost in the void, offering players a storyline that reflects their own experiences of returning to Neopia with new insights and personal growth.
- Symbolic Rebirth
The Void Within marks a crucial phase for Neopets, representing a revival for the brand, emphasizing positive screen time, and fostering well-being within the Neopian community.
- The Plotline
Players will face the challenge of a gray curse spreading across Neopia, sapping the world of its color and vitality. It will require the collective effort of all Neopians to save their world from this looming darkness.



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Thatā€™s exactly what they did.šŸ¤£The second trailer is actually more revealing than the first one.

Why am I not surprised šŸ˜‚ šŸ˜‚.. I know it's what they are going to do. I've seen such happen all the time with both movies and some video games.