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Feb 7, 2020
Neopets has recently launched its mobile version.

The new Neopets Mobile site beta is LIVE! As expected, the entirety of Neopia has not been redesigned yet, but a few of the mainstream features have.

Without further adieu, here are some screenshots:


(The new homepage, as seen from a phone-sized device.)


(The new homepage, as seen from a tablet-sized device. The rest of the screenshots below are all tablet-sized.)


(Clicking on Nilo brings up a mobile beta launch pop-up.)


(If you want to visit something in Neopia that hasn't been redesigned yet, you'll get a message about leaving the beta site.)


(The new games room. Only these 7 games are available so far.)


(You can bookmark any page in Neopia. Consider this a "Dailies" list from the Premium toolbar—but for all Neopians.)


(The Food Shop in Neopia Central.)





(Tapping on your Neopet on the homescreen brings up an action pop-up. You can do the things that you see above!)


(Tapping "Read" for example, shows all of the books/readable items in your inventory.)


(Tapping "Groom" does the same—if there were any grooming items.)


(The item info screen for a toy selected from the "Play" action.)



(Kass Basher in action.)




(Customising your Neopet in action—a bit glitchy, but looks like a good start.)

Below are the official v0.1 Beta Release notes, posted by TNT:


Now you can easily customise your pet from the comfort of your phone, or on your computer without using flash! Please note that Meepits are hard at work converting your customisation items out of Flash, but its taking some time. Some of our items may not be converted yet, and thus not available for preview in the beta view.

The Presets feature will return in a future update.

Pet Care

Visiting the homepage is going to be a very different experience moving forward. No longer will you be bombarded with tons of banners and news items. Instead, we've made the homepage into a little home for your pets!

Here you'll be able to quickly and easily feed & groom your pets on the go, as well as a few other quick-actions.

Does this mean we're filtering your inventory natively now? Yes, so stay tuned for the new inventory page coming your way in a future update.

Plus, don't be surprised if Petpets come to cozy up to their owners here soon as well!

News, Alerts & Site Events

Having trouble keeping track of everything going on on the site? Well we've got a few quality of life improvements to help with that. First, any time there's a major ongoing event happening (like Festival of Neggs ), we'll let you know straight on the homepage when a character comes to visit.

Additionally, you can preview the latest news headlines right from the News & Alerts dropdown, and handle all of your alerts (like Trudy's Surprise, trade requests, etc) without leaving whatever page you're on.


The following minigames have been converted from Flash to HTML5 so that you can play them on any device:

• Turmac Roll
• Fashion Fever
• Hasee Bounce
• Ice Cream Machine
• Rink Runner
• Igloo Garage Sale
• Kass Basher

We'll be regularly rolling out more converted games in the coming weeks.

Don't worry, all of the extra information you're used to seeing on games pages isn't gone forever. We're completely overhauling the layout of games pages so that all of that content is mobile friendly, as well as the Gamesroom itself, which you'll see in a future update.

For now, we wanted to get you playing the games themselves as quickly as possible.


Wouldn't you love to visit the Healing Springs while riding the bus, or donate to the Money Tree on the toilet? Well now you can! For now, you can easily visit the following dailies pages on any device, and we'll be rolling out more and more in the coming weeks!

• The Healing Springs
o StackPath
• Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity
o StackPath
• Money Tree (no NC Donations on phones)
o StackPath


You may have noticed the little flag and heart icons that are now in the upper left of your screen. Premium members may already be accustomed to the Dailies system of quick-links for easier navigation.

We've expanded on that idea to allow all users to easily bookmark most pages (not just dailies) straight from those pages.

Additional features surrounding bookmarks will be available in future updates.

Switching out of the Beta

If, for whatever reason, you no longer want to be looking at the beta version of any of the pages we've previously discussed, simply click on the "View Classic Site" button in the profile menu to return to the site as all non-beta viewers see it. To get back into the beta view, click the "View Beta" link that's now on the right side of the "Logout" button for you.

Future Updates

There are a few links and items you'll see in this new layout that aren't fully functional quite yet. We're working hard to retool how you access your Premium perks, as well as improving site search. Additionally, we wanted to reassure you that site themes are not going anywhere!

Those will be coming soon, with new mobile-friendly twists on all the classic themes rolled out in stages, as well as new mobile-only themes in the future.
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